For the past couple years I’ve been scratching my head with wonder as the market for premium coolers has exploded. Every time I open a catalog or step into an outdoor store it seems like yet another brand of cooler costing $300 or more has appeared, all with apex-predator names. There are Grizzly coolers, and Orcas and, or course, the Yeti. (Yetis are apex predators aren’t they?) I just keep asking myself and friends in the industry, who are the people spending upwards of $500 bucks on a cooler? No one seems to know.

Well, apparently $500 is cheap, considering this leather-clad cooler from some company called Jayson Home triples that price to a whopping $1,500. (Or $1,495 to be exact.) If that’s not mind boggling enough, consider the fact that the cooler inside all that fancy, hand-stitched leather is not a premium, marine-style $500 cooler, but what looks to be a Coleman Xtreme that can be had for about $80. (Note, this is the type of cooler I use most, non-leather bound of course.) Apparently, this is the kind of cooler you have to have when you’re going “glamping” with your friends from the Hamptons.

So again, my question is, who pays $1,500 for a cooler?