Whitetail Hunting photo

Wild Chef readers are always looking for new ways to use ground deer, elk, or antelope — so after last week’s three-way burger fight, I decided to keep up the grind, so to speak. Today we feature Brad Smith’s Stuffed Peppers against another great-looking burger from longtime reader and frequent commenter smc1986.


Brad Smith’s Stuffed Peppers


From Brad Smith: Hollow out six tomatoes and put the pulp in a large mixing bowl. Ground venison is then fried with a little bacon grease, finely chopped onions, halved black olives, and mushrooms. When cooked through, transfer the meat to the mixing bowl and allow it to cool for bit. Add a can of cream of mushroom soup and some shredded cheese. From there, the creamy mixture is spooned inside the tomatoes, topped with the remaining cheese and baked in the oven for about 20 minutes at 325 degrees. This picture includes a stuffed pepper I had from the garden as well as super hot chili peppers.

smc1986’s Venison Burger


Wild Chef reader smc1986 is always good for some insightful comments and, now, a tasty-looking venison burger. He topped the burger with pickled onions and placed it on a grilled ciabatta roll slathered with habanero aioli. Sides include pasta and grilled summer squash.

How do you use your ground venison? Cook some up, snap a photo and send it, or any other fish or game photo to fswildchef@gmail.com and we’ll try to feature it here.

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