Thanks to all of the great reader submissions, I’ve had a long summer vacation from Friday’s Food Fights. But it’s time to get back in the ring. To shake off the dust, I’m coming out swinging, but I realize the competition is stiff with Wild Chef reader Scott Bednara’s slider. It’s up to you to pick the winner by voting below. [Ed. Note: This is Colin. It’s been a long break for me, too, from Food Fight Friday, and when I saw that we’re doing venison burgers this week, well, I just had to jump in the ring.]

Scott Bednara’s Venison Slider


Who doesn’t enjoy grilling in the summer? We like venison burgers on the grill and sliders are a great way to get the job done. They cook evenly and quickly and you can eat multiple burgers with different styles of toppings. I prefer cheddar cheese, homegrown tomatoes, and little A1 sauce. Grilled buns are another great way to finish it off. We added some grilled zucchini and baked beans for a perfect Sunday afternoon dinner.

David’s Venison Burger


I finally got around to grinding the deer, antelope, and wild pig scraps that had been buried in the bottom of my chest freezer since last fall. Most of this burger mix got bagged as ground meat, but I did make a few 1/3-pound patties to grill up for this week’s lunches. This particular patty was seasoned simply, grilled and topped with provolone and a fried egg. The real coup, however, was the side of tequila-battered onion rings from the recipe I found here.

Colin’s Venison Burger


This recipe came from Jesse Griffiths’ terrific cookbook, Afield. I grilled the patty to medium rare and topped it with whole-grain mustard, sharp cheddar, heirloom tomato, homegrown jalapeños, and arugula. I like to sandwich my burgers between potato buns, and there’s no better potato bun than Martin’s.

Don’t forget to send in your fish or game food photo, along with a short description or recipe, to, and we’ll feature it in an upcoming Food Fight.