We have had an amazing run of Food Fight Friday submissions this summer, and I am in awe of what Wild Chef readers are cooking up in their kitchens. This week’s Fight is a prime example: two great-looking dishes illustrating my belief that there will always be a place for good, savory comfort food on the tables of hunters and anglers.

Scott Bednara’s Turkey a la King


I’m a long time reader of Food Fight Fridays, but this is my first time submitting. My wife and I absolutely love the column and look forward to it every week. It’s great inspiration, particularly for my expecting wife. (This is a good thing for me. Like last spring as she practically pushes me out into the spring woods to chase some long beards. It was a good season this year, and I was able to share a good hunt with a great friend as we each filled a tag when these two bird showed up.) However her more recent cravings have turned to savory style delights, and we’ve turned that king of the spring into Turkey a la King.

Pat Chapin’s Foolproof Pheasant


My late wife was a sweetheart, and she could really cook. But quite suddenly two years ago I was thrust into caring for myself. Cripes, I could burn water! Fast food gets old after a while and it does nothing to reduce the stockpile of birds the dogs and I pick up every fall. So I have had to improvise. Here’s one of my favorite seat-of-the-pants, all-Canadian meals thrown together with the generous help of my local grocery chain store. Damn good. And if I can make this great meal without screwing it up, anyone can!

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