I think it was Napoleon who famously stated: “An army marches on its stomach.” As someone who loves to eat, I can totally relate. No matter if I’m hunting, hiking, fishing, or just winging away to some new destination, I’m always thinking about my next meal. Often that “meal” is really just a snack, and I rarely go anywhere without some type of food in my pack. Typically, I rely on Clif or Lara Bars when I need something to fill the void and, of course, there’s always a few packets of Justin’s Nut Butters stashed somewhere close at hand.

Earlier this summer I expanded my tastes when the kind folks at KIND Snacks sent me a care package of their all-natural nut bars and granola clusters. A lot of snack bars out there look like, well, let’s not mention what they look like because they don’t appear edible. KIND Bars, on the other hand, look delicious. Instead of processing the ingredients, KIND leaves the nuts, fruits and grains whole, forming them into snack-size bars that look as good as they taste. They’re all natural too, with no artificial or hard-to-pronounce ingredients. The bars do contain glucose, though it’s listed as coming from a non-GMO source, and soy lecithin, presumably to extend the bars’ shelf life. Depending on which flavor you choose, several KIND snacks are also gluten-, wheat- and dairy-free for people with sensitivities to such ingredients.

Of the bars, the Almond Coconut and Blueberry Pecan are probably my favorite. For cocoa lovers, there are also dark chocolate varieties available, although I wasn’t the biggest fan of them. I do like that all the bars aren’t overly sweet. The last thing I want when I’m huffing and puffing up a steep hike is a cloying, sugary snack. Instead, KIND Bars have just the right blend of sweetness and nuttiness. Because of the nuts, they are a bit high in saturated fat. Total carbs run in the 16-23 gram range and all are high in dietary fiber.

I do have one sticking point, quite literally, with the snack bars. The binder used to hold the nuts and berries together, which I’m going to assume is glucose, is fairly tacky to the touch, leaving your fingers a bit sticky. I try to eat them straight out of the wrapper. Otherwise I feel like I need to wash my hands afterwards.