Earlier this summer, bourbon maker Knob Creek introduced a partnership with celebrity chef Michael Symon hosting a “Meat Master Class” video series highlighting some of his grilling techniques and recipes using Knob Creek in dishes other than cocktails. The term “master class” might be a stretch as a lot of the information Chef Symon presents is stuff Wild Chef readers should already know, but the series is worth checking out if only for the recipes. In this particular episode, Chef Symon grills up some burgers with bourbon-infused caramelized onions. Upon further investigation, I also found the recipe below on the Knob Creek Website. While Chef Symon suggests using the glaze on pork, I think it would work just as well on a grilled duck breast or even pheasant.

Orange & Jalepeño Knob Creek Rye Glaze

– ¼ cup Knob Creek Rye
– ½ gallon fresh squeezed orange juice
– 2 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
– 1 jalapeño, slice in half with seeds in
– 1 cup brown sugar

Place all ingredients in a non-reactive pan over medium heat and reduce by half. (Chef’s Tip: Michael Symon says this will take about an hour.)