Wild Chef reader Justin Swope had a good showing last week with his venison shank, so I’m going to put him–actually, his wife–in the ring this week. Though the sausage was processed, spiced, and stuffed by Justin Swope, he was quick to give his wife, Amanda, credit for the actual cooking. I’m fighting him with a little project I worked up in my Smoke Vault last week.

Amanda Swope’s Venison Andouille


This venison andouille is blended with ground pork shoulder for the necessary fat. It is a fresh sausage and not smoked. It features ample garlic and fresh thyme along with other spices. It is combined with fresh garden bell peppers and jalapeños along with onions, all caramelized. The okra was picked from the garden a mere 15 minutes prior to cooking. The okra is just drizzled with a little oil, salt, and pepper and roasted in the oven. Included are home fries and my homemade dill pickle slices.

David’s Smoked Antelope Neck


Remember this rolled antelope neck roast? Well, as I’ve been cleaning out the freezer, I finally got around to smoking it. So here it is, rubbed with my go-to Mountain Man Bourbon Rub from Cabela’s and smoked with hickory. I’ll admit the kielbasa is store-bought, but underneath the neck roast is a pan of beans whipped up with my secret recipe.

I would love to see some more reader photos in my in-box. Just send them to and we’ll try to feature them here in the coming weeks.