Bass Fishing photo

This time of year a lot of sportsmen get so focused on hunting they forget fall is one of the best times to go fishing. Not Wild Chef reader nuclear_fisher, who sent in a photo of the white bass he boated for this week’s Food Fight. His opponent, reader Pat Chapin, prefers the goose fields of fall and his dish reflects that passion. Each looks good enough that I might vote for a surf-n-turf combo.

nuclear_fisher’s Baked White Bass


A friend and I caught some white bass over the weekend and I baked a few in the lime-sour cream sauce recommended in Gene Kugach’s Fishing Tips for Freshwater, topped with a bit of grated rind, baked carrots and couscous on the side and a pint of Torpedo IPA for extra credit. Nothing too fancy, but they really turned out quite nice.

Pat Chapin’s Barbecued Honker


The major components of the marinade are lemon juice, soya sauce, Worcestershire sauce, parsley flakes, garlic powder, and black pepper. I cut each half breast lengthwise into four strips plus the “fingers” that lie against the keel bone. Also on the plate: homemade bread, slice of Canadian smoked Gouda cheese, and broccoli steamed with shredded cheddar. For desert, homemade shortbread topped with a generous dollop of whipped “calf slobber” and frozen blueberries.

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