Among my circle of deer-hunting friends, the year is off to a slow start, but a few trophies are starting to fall and that means fresh deer steaks. If you’ve tagged your buck or doe, here are a couple of dishes from our Wild Chef readers that might inspire you.

Justin’s Swope’s Yard Meal


I call this my “Yard Meal” because everything on the plate (except the bacon) was harvested from my backyard. This is a steak cut from the ham of the deer. What sets it apart from most deer steaks is that I age it in the refrigerator for about 7 days before trimming it and then grilling it. Flavored with just kosher salt and black pepper, it’s seared on high heat and then grilled to medium rare. A pat of butter goes on it while it rests. All vegetables and herbs come from the garden: oven roasted new potatoes with rosemary and dill, squash sauteed in bacon drippings, green beans, and my homemade pickles. Steak is grilled by me; the vegetables (minus the pickles) are prepared by my wife, Amanda.

Neil J. Selbicky’s Steak Diane


Just like I’m cleaning out the meat freezer in anticipation of hunting success, it is time to clean out the computer files of my best 2013 venison meal photos. One of my all-time favorites is Venison Steak Diane. Everyone is familiar with this dish–or they should be! Maybe this classic recipe will not score me the most points with Wild Chef readers, but hopefully I can make that up on the presentation. Always a fun dish to prepare even if sometimes the brandy does not ignite. You see, once that bottle has been uncorked, well, let the good times roll!

If these pics do get you into the kitchen, snap a few photos of your own and send them, along with a short description of the dish, to