One of my favorite things to make from antelope scraps is a big batch of green chili. In fact, I just whipped some up a couple weeks ago, ate it for a few days, and then froze three quarts to get me through the winter. So when Koldkut sent in his photo of antelope green chili, it was an automatic lock to get featured in a Food Fight. But is it good enough to beat my chorizo burrito smothered in the stuff? Well, that’s all up to your votes.

Koldkut’s Antelope Green Chili


I filled my antelope tag and promptly went to work with the trimmings making green chile. Everything tastes better when it’s smothered in this stuff. Especially breakfast. Here we have two slices of toast, topped with two fried eggs, smothered with pronghorn green chile.

David’s Chorizo Burritos with Antelope Green Chili


I agree with Koldkut that green chili makes everything better, including an already fine-tasting breakfast burrito made from venison chorizo and farm-fresh eggs. My green chili recipe flirts with being a posole as I add hominy to mine, and generally leave out the tomatoes. You can find the recipe here.

How do you cook your antelope or other wild game? Snap a photo and send it in with a short description to and we’ll feature it in an upcoming Food Fight.