I’m going to call this week’s Food Fight the Snack Edition. We’ve got some killer goose jerky from Pat Chapin against Chris Johnson’s elk tacos. I consider tacos a snack because I can eat about 179 of them at a time. Okay, maybe not that many, but such is my love for tacos that I routinely eat them until I’m nearly sick.

Chris Johnson’s Chorizo Elk Tacos


We do all of our own processing, including sausage making. I typically add diced pork shoulder to equal parts elk trim which doubles yield and adds just the right amount of fat. The sausage was made with a chorizo spice blend which includes chiles, salt, cumin, sugar, garlic and black pepper. We mix with white wine vinegar and a bit of water. The net is natural sausage, free from MSG or nitrates. The tacos are simply made by sauteing the chorizo, then adding salsa verde, cilantro, crumbled cojita, onion and lime. Serve with Pacifico for good times.

Pat Chapin’s Field Lunch


Ordinarily I don’t eat when I’m hunting. Not unless I have to. But recently I have found that when jumping up as the geese come to the decoys I’m often so lightheaded I can’t shoot. Must be getting old. Or getting up too late to grab breakfast before leaving! So now I’m packing a lunch the night before. Here’s tomorrows feast: goose jerky, goose pepperette, wild current muffins, and decaf coffee. I process the meat myself. Two honkers’ worth of jerky smoked with apple wood won’t last me two days! Mmmmm!

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