After being on a binge-eating spree for the last couple of days, heck, the last few weeks, the last thing I want to think about today is food. Unless it’s backstrap. There’s always room for backstrap.

Raymond Needle’s Backstrap


Here’s a little something I made myself for Veteran’s day. Being a purple recipient and U.S. Marine, I like to have a nice meal on that special day. Backstraps from a doe I harvested in the early muzzleloader season in the northern part of New York. Baked potato and a salad. Nothing fancy. Simple. I dreamed of this meal several times during my two Iraq tours. Man was it good.

Maxpower’s Antelope Backstrap


I don’t dare defile a backstrap, so I usually won’t get too creative. Here I dusted it lightly with flour, salt and pepper, then cooked it over high heat in butter. I topped it off with sauteed mushrooms and onions. When paired up with hobo potatoes and some corn on the cob like this, it was ‘last meal’ worthy.

Did you cook up a holiday meal using fish or wild game? Got photos? If so, shoot a pic, along with a short description, over to