Typically, when a deer theft makes the news it’s someone stealing a trophy rack or, in the case of this hunter in Minnesota, poaching a buck from a deer farm. But in Texas, deer theft has taken a new turn when police busted a couple for stealing meat. Authorities in Houston reported that a couple there was charged with theft after an officer spotted some suspicious behavior in the wee hours of the morning in early November. When the patrolman pulled up to the vehicle, the suspects fled, according to this story from Houston’s ABC affiliate KTRK-TV:

“Police say the suspects led them on a high-speed chase through and out of the neighborhood at speeds topping 80 miles an hour. It was a short pursuit, though, as the suspect vehicle struck a curb, flattening two of its tires in the 1200 block of Cedar Post Lane. Ramiro Rendon, 49, and Dora Elia Martinez, 36, were arrested. Both are accused of theft, and Rendon faces an additional charge for fleeing. They allegedly took a cooler from the bed of a truck parked near where they’d originally stopped.

“That item turned out to be a cooler full of 150 pounds of venison deer meat,” said Spring Valley Village Police Chief Gary Finkelman.

Deer meat that didn’t even make it to the freezer; its owner, we are told, just returned from a hunting trip.”

This isn’t actually the first venison theft I’ve heard of. Several years back, I hunted with Matt Morrett, who at the time was a Hunter’s Specialties pro staffer touring around the country in one of the company’s bright-yellow pickups–a thief magnet if there ever was one. The day after leaving camp, Morrett called to say his truck had been broken into while parked at a hotel in Council Bluffs, Iowa. He not only lost all of his hunting gear, but also a full cooler of meat from a deer he had killed in our camp a few days before. Morret said he was more upset about the meat then the hunting gear. Sound like he had his priorities in order.