If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, you know I’m passionate about the ability of hunters to help end hunger in America. In the past, I’ve highlighted positive stories about how and where hunter-donated venison has given homeless people a hot meal and pointed out times when government ineptitude and pointless bureaucracy has caused families to go hungry. Last summer, I even spent a day in a Chicago outreach facility, learning more about the Sportsman’s Channel’s Hunt.Fish.Feed program.

It’s programs like Hunt.Fish.Feed, where members of the outdoor industry take leadership roles in ending hunger, that interest me the most. I think they are huge resources that have gone untapped–resources that could help spread the message of how game meat can be an essential component in feeding the homeless and hungry.

One such company that is helping out is Bushnell, and its advertising partner Brothers & Company. According to outdoor columnist Brent Frazee’s story in the Kansas City Star, Bushnell and Brothers & Company were inspired by Sister Berta Sailer’s mission to help Kansas City’s less fortunate. Their solution was an annual donation of as much as a thousand pounds of ground venison to Sister Berta’s Operation Breakthrough, which she said will feed Kansas City families for up to six months.

We shouldn’t have children who go hungry in Kansas City,” Sister Berta said. “But we do. We have moms and their children who live in cars, abandoned homes. Others have homes, but they’re struggling to put food on the table. These are good people. They’re not lazy. They’re just going through tough times. We try to help by giving them something to eat. But protein is the hardest thing to come by. That’s why this venison is so important. We can feed a lot of families with this.

Hats off to Bushnell’s marketing director Mark Schaeffer for initiating the relationship with Operation Breakthrough and to everyone at Bushnell and Brothers & Company who participate in the hunt. I challenge other outdoor companies to look at how Bushnell is giving back to the community and come up with their own plan to feed America’s less fortunate.