When Nathan Carson’s Food Fight entry showed up in my inbox last week, I knew I had the perfect competition for a photo of my own. This week’s pan-to-pan combat highlights what the Wild Chef blog is all about. Though we often go for the backstraps and bacon-wrapped whatever, I try to emphasize there are so many different, yet easy, things you can do with game meat. It’s nice to get fancy every once in a while and show off your skills, but for the day-to-day cook, often the best thing to do is incorporate game meat into tried and true classics like these two dishes.

Nathan Carson’s Antelope Lasagna


Each November, our family uses the occasion to remember the blessings we’ve been given throughout the year. We celebrate with a special dinner featuring the year’s biggest bounties. This year it was an insane amount of Roma tomatoes from our garden and a pronghorn buck shot in southern Wyoming. We married the bounty in the form of my wife’s antelope lasagna. The dish includes her homemade marinara, ground antelope, fresh garlic from our friend’s garden, mozzarella from our local market, and cottage cheese (her family’s traditional substitute for ricotta cheese). When paired with a salad, homemade bread, and our favorite Cabernet, it is definitely a meal worthy of giving thanks.

David’s Turkey Leg Enchiladas


The depths of my deep freeze often give up little surprises, like a pair of legs from a turkey I killed with Twin Chimney Outfitters back in 2011. When I discovered them just a few weeks ago, buried under my girlfriend T. Rebel’s cow elk hide, I was happy to see the vacuum-sealed legs were still in great shape. After braising them at low temperature for a few hours, I shredded the meat from the bones, simmered it quickly in a chile Colorado and wrapped it, with some cojita and colby-jack, in flour tortillas for a batch of spicy enchiladas.

Got a classic dish of your own that you’ve made in go-to wild-game meal? Send a photo, along with a short description, to and we’ll try to feature it here.