Food Fight Super Bowl Edition: Smoked Goose vs. Squirrel Nachos

The Big Game is the perfect time to break out some, well, big game. Of course small game, such as squirrels, or birds or fresh-caught fish are worthy additions to your Sunday spread as well. If you still need a little inspiration for your Super Bowl party, I offer up a couple of suggestions via this week's Food Fight.

SMC1986's Smoked Goose
Here is some smoked Canada goose breast that was coated in my favorite jerk dry rub. I smoked it over apple chips until the internal temp was 155 degrees, then pulled them and put them in the fridge. Tonight I sliced them thin and put them on rolls with just a touch of BBQ sauce. Can't beat it. You can see a whole smoked breast with the rub, the slices then finally the final product, the sandwich.

Jane Jeffries' Squirrel Nachos
I've hunted with Twin Chimneys Outfitters twice--once for turkey and once for deer--and both times Jane Jeffries made up a couple of big trays of squirrel nachos. During the first hunt, I got back from my hunt late and missed out, so I made sure to get in on the goods the second time around and I'll tell you, they were as good as advertised. I wish I could share the recipe, but Jane is pretty tight-lipped about it, despite my constant prodding.

If you're whipping up some wild game snacks for the game this weekend, snap a photo and send it in to