You all know I love antelope, so it’s pretty obvious where my vote should go today. But ever since I made some bear bulgogi last year I’ve been pretty hooked on the stuff. So, for me, this week’s Food Fight is really a toss-up but Wild Chef readers might feel differently. On the one hand, Koldkut has backstrap and beer, a sure-fire winner, but just maybe that good-looking deer from MaxPower can swing the votes his way. What do you think?

MaxPower’s Venison Bulgogi


My brother owns an Asian Market where we picked up some great Korean Bulgogi marinade, so we soaked some chunks of steak in that for 3-4 hours before frying it up. Over a bed of rice with some broccoli and Sriracha it was pretty good. It probably could have used some more veggies, but why do that to perfectly good steak? And, since I know she won’t read this, I can say that my wife ate twice as much of this as I did.

Koldkut’s Antelope Tenderloin


Pronghorn tenderloin marinated for an hour and grilled, potatoes and onions and a side of green beans. I paired it with a Rocky Mountain Black Ale by Left Hand Brewing Company.