Cooking Wild Game: The Most Common Mistakes
CC image from Flickr

In case you haven’t heard, I’ll be appearing at the upcoming Pheasant Fest in Milwaukee next weekend, Feb. 14-16. Throughout the three-day game bird extravaganza, I, along with Hank Shaw and Tovar Cerulli, will be presenting seminars on wild-game cooking. If you’re in the area, or are nearby, I’d encourage you to stop by — and if you happen to see me or are able to attend a seminar, be sure to say hello. A complete schedule of the event can be found here.

Of the three different talks I’ll be giving, I’m most excited about the one entitled “Food Fight: Put Down the Cream of Mushroom Soup or Else!” During this 30- to 40-minute-long seminar, I’m going to tackle all the ways as hunters we (myself included) screw up when we’re cooking game. Obviously from the title, the first and foremost blunder is burying everything under a glop of cream of mushroom soup, but I’m also going to discuss why a bottle of Italian dressing is not your best friend in the kitchen and how overcooking game meat is probably the greatest and most common sin hunters commit.

As I’m putting together my presentation this week, I would like to ask for help from Wild Chef readers in offering up other mistakes hunters make when cooking game meat. And don’t limit your ideas to pheasant or upland birds. My talks are going to cover all types of game meat–and maybe a little bit of fish–but I need your ideas to ensure I touch all the bases in my Food Fight presentation.

So, in the comments below, tell me what are the worst mistakes when cooking wild game?