It’s grilling season, so that means a ton of venison burgers are currently getting put to the fire. I know I’ve been eating my fair share over the past few weeks and I don’t plan on putting an end to that trend anytime soon. In fact, this week I plan on grinding about 20 pounds of trim meat from a moose I killed with my Mossberg MVP in Newfoundland last fall and I can promise a lot of that resulting ground venison will get made into patties for the grill.

A venison burger is great on its own (with cheese, of course), but there are a lot of toppings you can add to take things to the next level. One is an egg fried over-easy, which has been my burger topping of choice lately. It makes for a messy meal, but that yolk brings a whole new layer of richness to the party. And, of course, bacon adds a crunchy, salty bite, though you all know how I feel about adding bacon to everything (Don’t do it!).

Eggs and bacon are just two of the hundreds of things that can make a venison burger better. There are also a few unusual burger toppings out there. One friend recently asked me if I’ve tried topping venison burgers with peanut butter. I haven’t, but can’t say I won’t try it soon. What are some other burger toppings I should try?

I want to know what is the best thing you’ve ever eaten on a burger. The reader with the most unusual burger topping will win a gift box of outdoor cooking gear from Camp Chef, Cabela’s, and Hi-Mountain Seasonings. (Contest ends Sunday June 22, at 12:00 Noon EDT.) Good luck!