I am a product of the ’70s, so by default a huge Star Wars fan as a kid and, therefore, held an abnormal amount of related knowledge in my head. Much of that fandom has been lost to old age, but I’ll readily admit that to this day, more often than not, when I’m gutting an animal, I either make light-saber sounds in my head and/or imagine crawling into the animal to stay warm (this is especially true on those bitter, late-season hunts). Which is why I find this Tauntaun butcher chart from Super7 so incredibly awesome.

Kudos to the folks at Super7 and Acme Archives for nailing this project. Since I stumbled across it on the Interwebz, I’ve been considering all of the great ways to prepare Tauntaun tail and just what to do with that “sleeping bag” cut. Of course I’m thinking something Tex-Mex, though not sure where I’m going to find fresh limes and avocados on ice planet, Hoth.

Also, if Tauntaun is edible, I wonder how good would an Ewok taste…