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As a hunter and outdoorswoman, I have been wearing heated socks for years. They have kept me in the field for longer, enjoying the activities I love, whether that’s tracking a whitetail or hiking with my kids. Socks are often an afterthought in the world of outdoor gear. However, they’re actually one of the most important pieces. After all, our feet play an essential role in body temperature regulation. Warm feet allow proper blood flow, moving heat to other parts of your body. When you get cold, it can make for a miserable outdoor experience—which is where heated socks come into play.

While there are plenty of warm socks out there, heated socks take cozy to the next level, with rechargeable batteries powering them up. To find the warmest pairs, we tested the best heated socks for both men and women through hours of hunting, camping, and just spending time outside.

How We Picked the Best Heated Socks

Through years of wearing heated socks, I have narrowed down exactly what makes a quality pair. The style and comfort may fluctuate depending on the brand, but the factors below should apply to all. Of course, you’ll also want to take into consideration your own needs to make sure they’re met.

I tested heated socks from some of the most popular brands. Bethany Beathard

After handpicking which heated socks to include in our review process, here’s how I evaluated each pair during testing and research:

  • Battery Life: Check the battery life of the heated socks. Longer battery life is preferable, especially if you need them for extended periods. Do they offer extra batteries?
  • Heat Settings: Look for socks that offer multiple heat settings. Different activities or weather conditions may require varying levels of warmth. Having a range of settings can also help lengthen the battery life.
  • Comfort and Fit: The socks should fit snugly around your foot, without being too tight or too loose. Most of the heated socks come in combined sizing, like S/M and L/XL. The right fit is essential for comfort and heat distribution.
  • Material: What are the socks made of? Are they moisture-wicking? Does the fabric retain heat well? Do you have a wool sensitivity? Material choice will also affect the durability and longevity of the sock.

Best Heated Socks: Reviews and Recommendations

Best Overall: Gerbing Ultimate Wool Heated Socks

Best Overall


  • Battery: 7V ‎
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
  • Material: Wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, spandex, and rubber
  • Heat Settings: 3 (low, medium, high)


  • Warms up the entire bottom of your foot
  • Microwire heating elements evenly distribute heat
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements
  • Moisture-wicking wool blend fabric


  • Most expensive of all the socks we reviewed

These Gerbing heated socks are unlike others in that they warm up both the bottom and top of your feet via a heated microwire. My husband recently wore them on a Missouri hunt and said the only thing that kept him out there were these heated socks. With a generous battery life of up to seven hours, we never had to worry about them losing charge out in the woods and they provided more than enough warmth. Designed for comfort and performance with a moisture-wicking wool blend, these socks are ready for the elements.

These are easily some of the warmest heated socks we’ve worn. Bethany Beathard

The sizing for these socks is unisex. We reviewed the L/XL, which fit true to size for a men’s size 10.5 wide. The heat panel runs the entire length of the bottom of the foot, providing warmth across your whole foot. If you have worn heated socks before, you know the wire can be annoying and uncomfortable. Fortunately, Gerbing used a microwire in its design for maximum comfort—no wire digging into your skin.

These are the most expensive heated socks we reviewed; however, the quality and performance are well worth the price. Plus, the heating elements are backed by Gerbing’s lifetime warranty, so you have peace of mind.

Best Rechargeable: Savior Heat Heated Socks

Best Rechargeable


  • Battery: 7.4V
  • Sizes: S – XL
  • Material: Polyester, spandex, nylon
  • Heat Settings: 3 (low, medium, hight)


  • Large rechargeable battery
  • CoolMax technology
  • Inclusive unisex sizing
  • Heating elements completely cover your instep and toes


  • Tend to bunch up while wearing

Savior Heat heated socks use powerful 7.4V 2200mah rechargeable batteries to maximize warmth for hours on end. With three available heat settings, they can reach temperatures of up to 140 degrees. We like that they have a high over-the-calf design with a no-slip elastic band that keeps them securely in place. The socks are made with breathable CoolMax technology that prevents your feet from getting sweaty once they’re warm. Available in four color options, the socks come in unisex sizes to fit a range of foot shapes and sizes.

Savior is also a good choice for the budget-conscious shopper—you can get a pair for under $80. Plus, Savior offers a 30-day money back guarantee or a free replacement should you be unhappy with your socks.

The large batteries are one of the biggest highlights of these socks. They provide a lot of power and up to seven hours of high heat on one charge. You can charge them simultaneously, and in just a few hours, they’re fully loaded and ready to go. However, they can also be a negative. Because of their size, they sometimes struggle to stay in place and can bunch up in the socks.

Best for Hunting: Snow Deer Heated Socks

Best for Hunting


  • Battery: 7.4V
  • Sizes: S – XL
  • Material: CoolMax and spandex
  • Heat Settings: 3 (low, medium, high)


  • Heating system is comfortable with no irritating wires
  • Warm lining
  • Strong elastic on top band
  • Convenient one-touch smart controller with power indicator


  • Only heats around your toes

If you’re looking for the best heated socks for hunting, look no further than this pair from Snow Deer. The socks—which are available in a range of sizes and colors—come with a 7.4V battery that offers three heat settings that you can customize for as much or as little warmth as you’d like. They’re crafted from a CoolMax fabric blend that’s cozy without being stifling. Your feet will actually be able to breathe in these babies, which is important when you’re wearing your hunting boots for hours and hours.

The innovative heating system eliminates the feeling of wires, ensuring a seamless design and making these Snow Deer heated socks more comfortable than other options out there. They’re user-friendly, with easy temperature adjustments and charging. While they primarily heat around the toes, the socks work well in tandem with a good pair of insulated hunting boots for cold weather to help you stay outside for longer.

Best for Men: ActionHeat Rechargeable Heated Socks 2.0 with Remote

Best for Men


  • Battery: 3.74V
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
  • Material: Cotton, spandex
  • Heat Settings: 3 (low, medium, high)


  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with a convenient remote
  • Inclusive unisex sizing
  • Warm cotton blend


  • Heats only to the top of your toes

ActionHeat is well-known for making outstanding heated gear, and these rechargeable heated socks are no exception. They feature an ultra-fine carbon fiber heating panel that offers four levels of heat, ranging up to 140 degrees. They’re plenty warm for even the coldest of days.

The socks come with a remote control that allows you to easily adjust the heat settings while wearing them. Powered by an ActionHeat 3.74V battery along with FAR infrared heating and heat-reflective technology, they provide warmth for more than seven hours of use on a single charge. They’re made of a comfortable and stretchy cotton and spandex blend that holds up well with frequent wear. When it comes to quality, ActionHeat doesn’t skimp out.

Best for Women: DSG ActionHeat Heated Socks 5V

Best for Women


  • Battery: 5V
  • Sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Material: Wool, acrylic, nylon, polyester, spandex, rubber
  • Heat Settings: 3 (low, medium, heat blast)


  • True women’s fit
  • Heats up to 150°F
  • Compatible with any 1amp power banks
  • Soft premium wool blend


  • Pricier than some of the other socks we tested

I have worn these DSG heated socks for the past two years in different hunting scenarios—from deer to waterfowl—and have never had an issue with them falling down or needing adjustment. I love them. They have held up well and, to be honest, I don’t leave for a hunt without them anymore in colder weather.

The DSG heated socks have become my favorite pair, and something I rely on for cold hunts. Bethany Beathard

Most companies offer women’s gear, but DSG Outerwear is designed for women by women. It is not an afterthought or just men’s gear in smaller sizing. The socks come in true women’s sizes and are made of a premium wool blend. Though they fit snugly, they are not compression socks.

With three heat levels—including a super toasty heat blast setting—my feet never get cold. Out of all the socks we reviewed, the DSG heated sock gets the warmest at 150 degrees. The 5V 3000mAh power banks are thin and barely noticeable. They provide up to five hours of heat on a single charge and are conveniently charged with micro-USB charging cables. They’re also compatible with 1-amp power banks. Though these socks are pricier than some of the others on our list, the quality and tailored women’s fit are worth the investment.

Best for Skiing: Ororo Mojave Heated Socks 3.0

Best for Skiing


  • Battery: 7.4V
  • Sizes: Unisex S – XL
  • Material: Blend of cotton, CoolMax, polyester, and spandex
  • Heat Settings: 3


  • Fully heated sole
  • Stay-put fit prevents slippage
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Seamless toe


  • Shrink a bit with the first wash

The Ororo Mojave heated socks were designed based on valuable feedback from customers, so they have a bunch of features we appreciate. The new sock design is made with a combination of cotton, CoolMax, polyester, and spandex through a unique terry loop knitting method, which gives them a more padded and cushioned feel. Just as important, they are moisture-wicking and breathable, pulling sweat away from the skin to keep your feet dry. The breathability factor makes these socks ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or winter sports like skiing or snowshoeing.

The heating element is located at the bottom part of the foot, providing 70 percent more coverage than Ororo’s previous model. It’s powered by 2000mAh batteries that provide up to 11 hours of use. One note: These socks are made of 60 percent cotton, so they are prone to shrinking in the wash.

Best Budget: Fieldsheer Premium 2.0 Merino Heated Socks

Best Budget


  • Battery: 3.7v Bluetooth battery
  • Sizes: S, M, L
  • Material: Blend of merino wool, nylon, polyester, and elastane
  • Heat Settings: 4


  • Plenty of arch support and compression
  • Heal and toe reinforcement
  • No-slip design
  • Bluetooth battery contours to your foot


  • Lowest volt battery of all the socks we tested and reviewed.
  • Heat coil is only under the toe area

FieldSheer heated socks come in both men’s and women’s sizes and designs. They have a compression-like feel with ample arch support to prevent foot pain. They also sport a seamless construction, so there’s no irritation or itching. Thanks to the no-slip band, these socks never fell down while I was wearing them. In terms of comfort, I also really liked the contoured battery, which allowed the battery to fit snugly against my calf.

I found the Fieldsheer heated socks to be quick to charge and easy to control with the app. Bethany Beathard

These Fieldsheer socks are controlled via a mobile app. There, I was able to adjust the heat setting and monitor the battery life. What’s really nice is that you can control each sock separately. Plus, you can even connect other heated gear—like heated vests or heated gloves—to the same profile. I personally really appreciated the battery life percentage monitoring capability. Even though the battery is the smallest out of all the ones we reviewed, it still lasts up to 10 hours on the lowest heat setting.

With the high percentage of merino wool, these socks have a solid heat retention rating. However, they offer less coverage than others on our list—the heated area only covers from the upper part of your sole up to your toes.

What to Consider When Choosing Heated Socks


When dealing with anything that depends on battery power, the type of battery is important. You don’t want to invest in a pricey heated sock just for the battery to die. Rechargeable batteries are cost-effective and convenient. They are also more environmentally friendly, reducing the excess of disposable batteries in landfills.

However, rechargeable batteries have limited charging cycles and will require replacement. Batteries such as lithium-ion may provide more stable and reliable performance and minimize charging times.

Size and Fit

Socks normally come in grouped sizing; they are “one size fits most.” Since most heated socks for men and women come up over the calf, factor your calf size into your size choice. Most of these socks are unisex, so if you have a need women’s size or a wide option, take that into consideration as you weigh your pros and cons. Always refer to the socks’ size chart to determine the best fit for your feet.


Durability is always high on my consideration list. When making a gear investment, you want something that is going to last but also that won’t break the bank. Consider the materials used. Wool, for instance, has a high heat retention rating and will last through seasons of use.

Also think about frequency of wear. What is your intended use? An avid outdoor enthusiast who plans to wear their heated socks almost daily will require a more durable option than someone who will just wear them a handful of times for weekend adventures.


Q: Are heated socks worth it?

Yes, heated socks are a great investment. I’ve worn them for years and they’re a game-changer. Of course, it also depends on your specific needs and intended use.

Q: How long do heated socks last?

The lifespan of your heated socks will vary depending on use and base materials. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for washing and drying and avoid using harsh detergents to help them last longer.

As for battery life, rechargeable batteries will slow down over time and start losing their charging power. Fortunately, if the sock itself is still holding up well, you can just purchase a new replacement battery to remedy that issue.

Q: Can you wash heated socks?

Yes, each pair of electrical socks comes with a mesh laundry bag. Remove the batteries, cover the plug (if applicable), and clip to secure the pocket. Wash on delicate and hang to dry. That said, be sure to check the care instructions for your specific socks before washing.

Best Heated Socks: Final Thoughts

Heated socks are a prime example of how advanced technology for outdoor gear has become. When choosing the best heated socks for you, weigh the performance of the batteries and the durability of the material with how comfortable the socks are. You want to get the most out of your footwear, so we recommend investing in a pair that will keep you doing the outdoor activities you love for longer, like the Gerbing Ultimate or the Snow Deer heated socks. Your feet will be happy, and so will you.

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