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Ever work in a hay mow on a summer afternoon? If you don’t have a blower fan you’ll wish you did. Chris Boese via Unsplash

If circulating a lot of air quickly is one of your top priorities, blower fans are definitely the right tool for the job. To find the right blower fan for your needs, you should consider three main things—the size of fan you’ll need, how powerful it should be, and the specific application you have planned for the fan.

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This medium-sized model has an adjustable head to direct airflow wherever you need it. Amazon

Blower fans run the gamut from very small to giant, and all can do certain jobs well. Note, however, that too small a fan is typically going to leave you with more problems than choosing a fan that seems too big for your job. If you are liable to use your fan in a number of different areas, pick the larger model. Just keep in mind that the largest fans can be difficult to carry around by hand.

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This powerful unit has a protective guard over the blades. Amazon

For those who have a very large area to circulate air through, a more powerful fan is certainly better than a less powerful one. Again, versatility is key. A fan with a large number of speed settings will work for the widest range of applications.

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This device is specifically designed to remove heat from vents to help solve air delivery problems. Amazon

If your main goal will be drying carpet or other flooring, you’re not going to want a blower fan that blows air at waist height. Conversely, if you want to circulate air in a large, enclosed area, a fan made specifically for drying carpet shouldn’t be your top choice. Your best bet is to look at fans that are versatile in flow height and speed. Those models will give you more bang for your buck, since they’ll work for various applications. Some models are specifically made for certain jobs, so make sure you know for sure what your chosen fan is designed for before making a purchase.