3 Keys to Selecting Your Next Pack Hammock

Features and styles that make lying suspended between two trees one of your favorite parts of the day

Whether you are bedding down for the night or just cat napping in the shade, a lightweight pack hammock is the ideal sleep system for the minimalist. No matter where you lay your head, these key features will help you rest easy.

Single vs. Double

single hammock
If you are just looking for some recreational hang time, consider a hammock rated for two. You can always hog the space to yourself, but when it's time to share, there is plenty of room for your kids or significant other. Because nylon hammocks are so light to begin with, the weight difference between double and single models is negligible.Amazon

Straps and Carabiners

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock
The best pack hammocks are sold with straps, buckles, and carabiners rather than just ropes. Straps weigh a bit more, but they are more adjustable and beat fumbling to tie a trucker’s hitch with paracord when all you want to do is get off your feet.Amazon

Bug Screens

Oak Creek Hammock
If you plan to use your hammock for overnight camping, look for a model with integrated bug screen and a rain fly. Hammock camping is a bit of an art, from the gear you choose to the position you sleep in. Make sure the overnight hammock you select will accommodate your sleeping pad, which softens the platform and helps insulate you from below.Amazon