Shower_2 No matter how much I see it, or how many new products come out, I never get tired of novelty camo. From marginally useful items like travel mugs, to total fluff like underwear and bed skirts, it’s embarrassing how dazzled I am by every new camo-clad item that hits the market.
Still, I’d put myself at the mild end of the camo crazy spectrum. Apart from actual gear items, I have a bunch of street wear, a hair scrunchie, a few picture frames, and a door mat. But I haven’t crossed the line to any major furnishing purchases. Tp_4 That isn’t to say that browsing the home decor at Cabela’s isn’t one of my guiltiest pleasures of any visit (usually to the New Hamburg, Pa., store). And I’m big on camo gift giving – like, I’ve bought a Little-Hunter-type bib and onsie set for just about every baby shower I’ve ever been invited to. Gown_2
So, where do you fall on the camo crazy spectrum? Are you obsessed with novelty items, or is most of your camo on your actual field gear?
And speaking of gear – are you pattern loyal? Does your deer hunting outerwear have to be, say, Mossy Oak® New Break-Up™,Casket_4 or are you just as happy in an old army jacket. Of course, after a point, a lot of camo is little more than field fashion — but somehow, I just keep accumulating more of it! -K.H.