Former President Bubba did his turn in a duck blind, John Kerry embarrassed himself on a trap field, and Hillary turned into Little Miss Sure Shot, so I guess it was inevitable that Joe Biden would join this farcical parade. This past Saturday, in a speech at Castlewood, Va., according to a report by NBC’s Mike Memoli:

“The Delaware senator predicted that Republicans would seek to sway voters by threatening that Obama would take away guns. Biden, claiming to be a gun owner himself who likes ‘that little over and under,’ called that notion bogus.

“’Barack Obama ain’t* taking my shotguns, so don’t buy that malarkey,’ he said. ‘If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he’s got a problem.’”

Joe Biden has an F rating from the NRA/ILA, and is on the short list of the Senate’s most rabid anti-gunners, so this came as something of a surprise, and raises a number of points:

_The Republicans have so far not brought up the Obama/gun issue in a meaningful way. What are they waiting for?

I doubt if President Obama would try to take his Vice President’s shotguns. It doesn’t work that way. Bush did not take away Cheney’s Perazzi after the unpleasantness in Wyoming.

If President Obama does try to fool with Vice President Biden’s Beretta, what is the nature of his “problem?” Is this a “cold, dead hands” sort of thing?

President Obama might not fool with your Beretta, provided that it’s an over/under like Biden’s. If It happens to be a semiauto, however, don’t get too attached to it._

*Biden, like Hillary and Obama, seems compelled to dumb down his speech when he’s before a rural audience. I doubt if he says “ain’t” when he’s on the Senate floor. Hillary (Wellesley, Yale Law) sounds Like Granny Moses on The Beverly Hillbillies when she tries this stunt.


Mr. Tommy MC of Wyoming, a person of the very highest literary and moral worth and possessor of a fund of worthless information as vast as my own or greater, points out that polar bears are not pale yellow. In fact, their fur is translucent, and takes on the color of whatever background the bear is posing against.

It has also been pointed out that the Wretched Cheney Episode took place in Texas, not Wyoming. I regret the errors and apologize to all bloggers and to their progeny six generations removed.