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Jackson Roberts, 15, of Nashville, Tenn., killed this 11-point on the opening day of the 2007 Kentucky archery season. The buck scored 155 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ed Clemens and Bob Buchanon hold up 29 pounds of largemouth bass, which they caught in early February at a club fishing tournament at Falcon Lake State Park in southern Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fourteen-year-old Andy Wimberley of Floresville, Texas, holds up another Falcon Lake hawg. This one weighed 9.35 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Azi Kram, age 4, went out fishing from Miami Beach, Fla., and caught this nice barracuda. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Evanochko and his daugthter Mel hold two nice bass that she caught within 10 minutes of each other on a private lake near Birmingham, Ala. Both fish hit Zoom silver flukes, and weighed over 7 1¿¿¿2 pounds apiece. Field & Stream Online Editors
Here, Bill Evanochko stands with his own fish, a 35-pound grass carp that he caught on the fly. It took him over an hour to land the beast, and it was dark outside by the time he did. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian caught this largemouth on a tip-up, using a shiner for bait. He was in New Hampshire, fishing and seeing friends. This was the only bass any of them caught that weekend. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dana Smyke of Cordova, Alaska, holds forth a 20-pound winter king salmon, which he caught while trolling in Alaska¿¿¿s snowy Prince William Sound. Field & Stream Online Editors
Katherine Coppenger, 15, of Bartlesville, Okla., took this 7×2 in Washington County, Okla., on the first morning of gun season. She and her father Joseph had heard two bucks fighting earlier, and believe this was one of them and that he broke off two of his tines in the fight. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Houser hoists a nice smallie that he caught on the Delaware River in September last year. Field & Stream Online Editors
Benjamin Packard of Chandler, Ariz., took this picture on the Fourth of July last year, near Dillon, Mont. Glenn Nelson, the father of Ben¿¿¿s then fianc¿¿, is the man in the background¿¿¿Benjamin had to pass the ¿¿¿Montana Test¿¿¿ if he wanted to marry Glenn¿¿¿s daughter. Despite becoming seriously ill, Benjamin toughed it out and got hitched sure enough. This trout may have helped. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jessica Vaughan of Collinsville, Okla., went hunting earlier this year near Henyretta, Okla., on a game preservation, and shot this pig with a .22-250. ¿¿¿Yes, I know it looks like a show pig,¿¿¿ Jessica says. ¿¿¿But it was wild.¿¿¿ Field & Stream Online Editors
Mr. Dhuyvetter, 14, of Manhattan, Kan., shot this pheasant, his first, near his grandparents’ house in Peabody, Kan. Later in the day, he shot a quail too. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lee Bowers shot this 12-point in December. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Corea caught this steelhead in Irondequoit Creek near Rochester, N.Y., in mid-February. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sisters Sharon and Cher Leba hold up a nice sailfish they caught while deep-sea fishing off of Cozumel island in Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Holly Schwers of Judith Gap, Mont., shot her first mountain lion in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. The cat weighed 150 pounds and was 8 feet and 4 inches long. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Taulbee caught this 44 1¿¿¿2-inch muskie out of Cave Run Lake in Kentucky last August. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Lindsey Iczkowski of Mosinee fell out of a tree stand, sustaining an injury to her shoulder that needed surgery. Though the shoulder is a continuing problem, she hasn¿¿¿t let it stop her from hunting deer. She shot this 7-point on her family¿¿¿s land. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Guindon of Indianapolis, Ind., killed this black bear, his first, with a .338 Winchester Magnum while hunting in Prince George, British Columbia, with his friend and former college roommate Rich Johnson. Field & Stream Online Editors
Twelve-year-old Chandler Hillman of Phoenix, Ariz., climbed a steep mountain with her father to get within 200 yards of this buck. They waited over 2 hours for him to leave his bed, and then she killed him with her new 243. The dandy 3×3 was her first deer. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Bailey of Winamac shot this buck early in the morning. It scored 201 5/8 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Seth Squires of Excelsior Springs, Mo., shot this buck on the opening morning of the Missouri deer season last year. The 235-pound 8-point had a 20-inch spread. Field & Stream Online Editors
Twelve-year-old Caleb Cumper of Atlanta, Mich., shot this 15-point whitetail while hunting with his dad near Hillman, Mich., during a youth hunt. The buck grossed 158 inches green, and weighed 220 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Farmer of Pearisburg, Va., shot this 8-point on the opening morning of the Virginia muzzleloader season last November. The buck scored 139 inches, and had been chasing a doe. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sixteen-year-old Ryan Sparks of Gearhart, Ore., caught this 400-pound halibut near Hoonah, Alaska. He had been using a circle hook baited with a chunk of pink salmon. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ami Tracy holds her first steelhead, which she caught in the North Umpqua River this January. It was 39 1/2 inches long and wieghed 19 1/2 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Trevor Hurst of Owensville, Mo., holds up two paddlefish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Marino Pellegrini of Canfield, Ohio, was hunting with his father in Wyoming on public land on the last day of deer season when he killed this 10-point muley at 320 yards with a .270. It was his first buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Donal Lucas of Massena, N.Y., 53, shot this 8-point on Nov. 1, on an island while he was out hunting with his friend Pete. The buck weighed 211 1¿¿¿2 pounds, and had a spread of over 22 3¿¿¿4 inches. It missed Boone and Crockett by less than 5 points. Field & Stream Online Editors
Buck Denton missed a steelhead trip with his friends in 2006, but made up for it lat year with three fabulous days of fishing for big Lake Erie-run steelhead, weighing up to 10 pounds. Says Buck, ¿¿¿Like my father use to say, “Anticipation is 90-percent of the excitement of fishing.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Truskowski holds up a nice Niagara run steelhead. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Mateyak of New Jersey had trail cam recordings of this 10-point dating back to December of 2006, and early in the 2007 bowhunting season, he hit the buck¿¿¿s front shoulder with an arrow, just missing its heart. The deer recovered, and Mateyak continued to pursue him, eventually taking him during slug-gun season in January. He scored 140 6/8 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Basil Boyd and his father Manley with Basil¿¿¿s second long beard of the 2007 season. The tukey had a 10 1¿¿¿2-inch beard, 1 1¿¿¿2-inch spurs, and weighed over 22 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Trent Drobnick, 28, of Saint Michael, Pa., kneels with his stepdaughter Chloe and 2 nice early season Pennsylvania greenheads. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eight-year-old Paige Hibbs of Mars, Pa., holds up a trophy from her first trip ice fishing. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Lee McHugh, 31, of Anaconda, Mont., shot this bull moose in southwestern Montana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleven-year-old Carter Landrum of Frisco, Texas, with this first deer, which he killed on the last day of the season with a 7mm-08 single shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Winkler holds his first bear, which he harvested with a .270 M77 Ruger. His uncle Fred Winkler had acted as guide. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Wigington of New Albany, Miss., with a mature doe that he shot in January on public land in Mississippi during the late primitive weapons season with a self-made longbow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Hutchinson, 30, of Salt Lake City, Utah, with a nice bull elk that he killed on Mount Nebo in Utah. Says Justin, “My first elk and I couldn’t have asked for a better 30th birthday present.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Lee McHugh, 31, of Anaconda, Mont., holds up a B&C; class ram that he killed in Montana last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Adams of Linden, Mich., helped his younger brother Jacob land a nice rainbow last summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dan McCoy and his little cousin hold a good bass from Chataqaua Lake in New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
From left, Zach Spaulding, Mathew Jackson, Hannah Jackson, Emmett Henry, and Sam Jackson, all first time rabbit hunters, kneel with their quarry. They killed the rabbits near Sanborn, N.Y., in December of last year. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gerardo Pacheco and his six-year-old son Santiago with an 11-point deer they killed in Coahuila, Mexico, last December. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Drew of Dassel, Minn., caught this Mahi-mahi, his first, while deep-sea fishing off the coast of Kaui, Hawaii in Januaray. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Aisenbrey went deer hunting for the first time last Thanksgiving Day. While packing up to return home for dinner, he spotted this nice 8-point, called him in with grunts, and took him at 150 yards. Field & Stream Online Editors
Korbin Williams and his friends hold up their pheasants after a good day¿¿¿s hunt in Ulysses, Kan., last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
Julie DePrekel goes salmon fishing every fall with her father at the Thunder Bay River in Alpena, Mich. This one weighed nearly 18 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors

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