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Jared Robinson of Lenox, IW, took this non-typical buck with his bow during the 2007 season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sergeant First Class Douglas Anderson landed this 5-foot mangar in Baghdad, Iraq. They didn’t have a scale handy, but he estimated its weight at about 100-pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ed Skinner shot this 6-point bull elk on opening day outside of Salt Lake City, UT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jon Poblocki of Reedsburg, Wisconsin, proudly displays his first bird. This gobbler weighed in at 27 pounds and had two 11-inch beards. Field & Stream Online Editors
We suppose that young miss Aislynn Garrett of Collinsville, OK, possibly thought she was headed to a ballet competition instead of a fishing derby when she woke up. But it’s all good. She had a great day catching trout with her grandpa, Mark Corbell. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Captain Tim Smith, who charters out of Port Norris, NJ, stands next to what could be the next state record black drum, caught in Delaware Bay. This beast weighed in at 109 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Smith of San Diego, CA, says he used a piece of overcooked steak his mom made to catch this catfish in Nevada’s Lake Mead. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennie Wotring with her first catches in saltwater. Clearly she’s mastered the art of hooking snapper bluefish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Wayne R. McCollum with a 14-pound hybrid striper caught in Georgia’s Lake Russell. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nine-year-old Nicholas Mewkill is all smiles over the 14-inch rainbow trout he caught near Northwood, NH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Maggie McClelland holds up her first fish. This golden croaker found its way to the end of her line in Texa¿s Galveston Bay. “They grow up fast,” said here dad who sent this photo. “Maggie’s getting ready to go to college now.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Abbott of Detroit, MI, stayed tough during the 20-minute fight with this 24-pound carp on the Huron River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Swenson of Lino Lakes, MN, caught this 43-inch pike on 8-pound line while pitching a jig-and-twister combo. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jennie Hasse shot this 21-pound gobbler ¿ her first bird ever ¿ this spring while hunting with her husband, Joe. Field & Stream Online Editors
Natalie Jennings used a 5-inch swimbait to best this 6-pound spotted bass on Whiskeytown Lake in Redding, CA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bo Fowler of Reisterstwon, MD, nailed this 6-pound brown trout on the North Branch of the Potomac River earlier this spring. Field & Stream Online Editors
Granvel Ficklin of Birmingham, AL, with a 9-pointer killed with his bow this past January. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brothers Matt and Jeff Tanner of Birch Run, MI, with two bucks they shot last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Taylor of Gordonsville, TN, with a 37-pound striped bass caught on a Rapala Broke Back Minnow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sean Leary of Delamr, NY, holds the biggest freshwater fish he’s ever hooked – a 31-inch, 10-pound lake trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rod Mills of Fairfield, OH, with a 25-pound carp he landed from the shores of the St. Lawrence River in New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
Says Jude Albornoz, “My wife was a vegetarian when we first met. Since then I’ve changed her ways.” Here, Albornoz poses with an 11-point buck he shot outside of Corpus Christi, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Mazur of Buffalo, NY, snapped a few quick shots of this fawn he spotted while checking his motion cameras. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chad Gradney of Leonville, LA, with two 20-plus-pound blue catfish from Santee Cooper Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Knutson of Elgin, IL, with a fat Fox River smallie. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Fili, 14, of Sparks, MD, hooked this 3-pound rainbow trout on a crankbait in the Gunpowder River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Dyck, 3, gets an early start to his hunting career as he learns the ins and outs of deer scouting with his dad, Steve, in Manitoba. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Schell with a big California bass hooked up on Shasta Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Monty Mittleman of Decatur, IL, nailed this 10-pound largemouth during a trip to Lake Baccarac in Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Lowe of Dillon, MT, pulled up this 29-inch lake trout while fishing on Flathead Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Zubeck with a big dolly varden from the Kenai River in Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Young Calvin Shaykett with his first ever fish caught near Valley Springs, SD. Field & Stream Online Editors
-Larry B. Towsey with a nice spring jake that came in without the need to call. Field & Stream Online Editors
Les Huck of San Antonio, TX, holds a 25-pound bobcat he shot during a slow day of deer hunting last season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Schell with a 7-pound brown trout he caught in Shasta Lake in California. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Hurban shot this 215-pound hog last Valentine’s Day in Seguin, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Al Collier of Landisburg, PA, scored this monster red drum in Cape Hatteras, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Clayton Apke of Teutopolis, Il, with his first deer. He only sat for 45 minutes before this 10-pointer came along. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kristin Gradney shows off her first catfish. She caught this 28-pounder in South Carolina the first week of June. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kristina Wade caught this 24-pound carp in California’s Clear Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors

This week our readers have upped the ante on quality game. We’ve got record black drum, one massive non-typical buck, and a 105-pound Middle Eastern carp. But we’re willing to bet there’s even cooler photos out there. Send us your shots today for a chance to win a $99 SureFire flashlight.