Late Winter.

Russell Chatham_Aspen


Russell Chatham_First Snow

First Snow

Russell Chatham_Hayfields


Russell Chatham_Late Winter

Late Winter

Russell Chatham_Patterson Ranch I

Patterson Ranch I

Russell Chatham_Patterson Ranch III

Patterson Ranch III

Russell Chatham_Rain Squall

Rain Squall

Russell Chatham_Crazy Mountains in March

Crazy Mountains in March

Russell Chatham_Spring Creek

Spring Creek

Russell Chatham_Storm in May

Storm in May

Russell Chatham_Sweeping Rain

Sweeping Rain

Russell Chatham_Sweetgrass Creek

Sweetgrass Creek

Russell Chatham_April

The Seasons, April

Russell Chatham_Winter Comes

Winter Comes

Russell Chatham_Winter Evening

Winter Evening

Russell Chatham_Yellowstone River Winter

Yellowstone River Winter

Russell Chatham_Approaching Snowstorm

Approaching Snowstorm

Russell Chatham_Boulder River

Boulder River

Russell Chatham_Early Snow

Early Snow

Russell Chatham_Last Light Winter

Last Light Winter

Russell Chatham_Mill Creek

Mill Creek

Russell Chatham_Moonrise Sweetgrass

Moonrise Sweetgrass

Russell Chatham_Summer


Russell Chatham_Willows New Snow

Willows New Snow

Russell Chatham_Winter Foot

Winter Foot

The greatest living landscape painter in the country grew up hunting quail and ducks and rabbits. He’s spent countless hours waist-deep in trout streams. He’s caught tens of thousands of striped bass—one a world record. Perhaps that’s why Russell Chatham is the master of painting the places where sportsmen love to be. Here is a collection of his work.

All paintings courtesy of Russell Chatham.