Congratulations to steelbird for winning our 2014 Gun Nut target contest. WINNER: A Different Definition Of "Shooting The Target" I made up some mini versions of the target, and hit them with some .45 shotshell (using the full 12 gauge would have probably blasted them into very tiny pieces), and then placed them in a 12 gauge shell. Then I shot the targets inside of my Mossberg 500. A different definition of "shooting the target.".

Shoot Straight

Shoot Straight.
Shooting at clay bird target with clay birds behind.

Holy Skeet !!!

Holy Skeet !!! 5’by 6′ black background with Field & Stream Gun Nut Target placed in the cross-hairs of a 30″ diameter “scope” comprised of 19 orange skeet as the scope ring and 6 yellow skeet as the reticle. Target was shot at fifty yards with a Marlin MN-25 .22 Mag using 40 gr. hollow-point ammo.

Dave Petzal Shot Out Of A Human Cannon At A Huge Clay

Dave Petzal Shot Out Of A Human Cannon At A Huge Clay. Dead center shot using Petzal as ammo. –bill king2

From Paper To Powdered Pigeon

From Paper To Powdered Pigeon. My paper target is suspended in mid air and attached to the back is a real clay pigeon. I shot the bulls-eye at 20 yards while powdering the clay pigeon hidden behind. -jacenh6

Youth Shooting Sports

Youth Shooting Sports. The photo was taken by my wife of our son, Alex, at the National Wild Turkey Federation Timber Registered Shoot May 31, 2014 in Abbeville, SC, benefiting the Wheelin’ Sportsmen program, an organization which provides outdoor hunting and fishing opportunities to people with disabilities. Alex is a member of a local 4H Shotgun Team where he competitively shoots sporting clays, skeet and trap with other youth around the state during tournaments sponsored by 4H Youth Shooting Sports, the Scholastic Clay Target Program, the SC Youth Shooting Foundation, and the American Trap Association. With the youth shooting sports programs growing exponentially in our state, Alex dreams of graduating this year to work on a teaching career which supports outdoor living activities to give other youth opportunities to experience programs like this, including the Archery in Schools Program. He is a also a member of the Archery Team at his high school and volunteers with SC-DNR’s Take One Make One program. -ryanbecky


E.T.= ENTRY TARGET Fall scarecrow practice target area. -gkgkgk

The American Legend

The American Legend. I chose to shoot the target with my 1942 Springfield M1 Garand because it is my favorite gun to take out and it gives a bit of a connection to our greatest generation. I also enjoy the fine craftsmanship of the Garand and the sound the clip makes when it ejects. -cmburn01

Gun Nuts Know Hunter’s Safety

Gun Nuts know Hunter’s Safety. I successfully completed Louisiana Hunter’s Safety course. After taking the three required shots for the shooting portion, the instructor allowed me to keep shooting extra rounds just for fun…in the rain–a real Gun Nut! 😉 –Alyssa Rhodes

Group Therapy

Group Therapy. Wanted to take a different approach and go with the bow and arrow. -tbutts

Stupid Aliens

Stupid Aliens. The invasion of Earth was avoided due to the aliens’ very bad idea of having their spacecraft look like clay pigeons. -steelbird

Oklahoma Confetti

Oklahoma Confetti I decided to accept the gun nut challenge. I figured, as the picture was a clay pigeon the only option was to shoot it in flight. With the help of two friends I was able to capture this moment on camera and get it to the fantastic people of field and stream (I have to try and suck up a bit). Thanks for checking it out I hope y’all enjoy it, I sure did! -RobertTheArcher

Country Girls And Guns

Country Girls and Guns. Ruger red label 20g over under with 2 3/4 7/8oz game loads those birds don’t stand a chance. Shot on the 4th of July in holly springs MS shooter Angela Macchia. -anthony macchia
8 Archers. Look Close!! It’s in there. I teach a youth archery class for my city. I brought the target just to give the kids something else to shoot at. Little did I know was that all the kids wanted to shoot it. -HoytBrad

Incendiary Rounds

Incendiary Rounds. Truth be told, this was done with a grill lighter. I though it’d be funny. The sad part is, as I was Googling to find the proper spelling of incendiary, I found that I could actually purchase .22LR incendiary rounds. I didn’t even know they existed! If it’s legal in IL to fire incendiary rounds, next year you might just get a really burnt up Gun Nut Challenge. -ncfrail

Here are the top shots from our 2014 Gun Nut Target Photo Contest. We asked you to shoot a page from our magazine and take a creative photo. The winner gets a new Smith & Wesson rifle.