Congratulations to jayderman for winning Round 3 of our Spring/Summer Trail Cam Contest.

Jumping Deer

Something hanging from a tree branch caught this young button bucks eye, on this cold November morning. I was in awe to discover that my trail cam snapped a photo at the perfect time. –David Heck

Nice Bucks

Nice bucks. This guy up front here made a tremendous jump from last year to this year. Hopefully will catch him in the woods this fall. –dwmink
Afternoon ambush. 1 hungry bobcat + 1 surprised squirrel. –mato_mi’la

Death From Above

A while back I decided what I could attract with a suspended squirrel tail. When I checked my camera I was treated with image of a hawk dive bombing the decoy. –VTHokie540
Just put this camera out and got the 3 amigos at the protein feed. –Carbonkilla


Caught this guy on my cam a couple years back and still havn’t gotten him. –Kyle Janeski

Impressing The Ladies

This Tom Rio Grande Turkey shows off his beautiful head colors, fluffs up his feathers, and literally struts his stuff to impress a nearby hen. –Cheyenne Lucy Villalpando

RARE Black Fox

I caught 3 pictures of what I believe to be a black fox (although some think it’s a black coyote). Never saw it during daylight and we don’t have wild dogs where I captured the pictures in Colorado. –kgs126

Big Coyote

Heres another picture of the coyote. This shows how big he is. –Ryan Plourde


Bear caught stealing the feeder. –jayderman

Sunset Fanning

Two gobblers fanning at sunset. –jayderman

Doe Vs Doe

Fighting for food. -erictrev

Fox Pup Almost Grown

Still get a couple pics each night stopping by the den. –cnggack

Scenic Strutter

This trail cam photo was captured on 4-21-2014 using a homemade game camera. I set the unit up with a creek backdrop in an area where I knew the birds had roosted before. Well it all came together this April day at 7:19 pm when the strutter walked in front of my set, with the resulting image being the most scenic gobbler photo that I have ever gotten on camera. –skyhunter44

Big Bruin

A picture of a bear one of my friend’s got of a big ol’ Wisconsin brute. –Hunter_Fass

Raccoon Standing Up To A Bear

I can not believe it but raccoons in New Jersey are not scared of black bears. –Gary Devine

Lynx Kitten On A Mission

I tracked a family of Canada Lynx this winter in Northern MN. I did not use bait of any sort to get this shot, just patience and tracking skills. –rpennesi
Not the biggest pic I have but nice. –northmen

Sleeping Beauty

Large bear out cold sleeping. –Kenny Stuart


Bobcat sniffing a salt block. –Tim Hagewood

Freeze Tag

It would appear four bucks saw something in the distance. –jlaury


This bear was a regular at my tree stand last year. He has a friend that comes along some days. –Steve DeVille

Inquisitive Weasel

I placed my camera on an old New England rock wall, which many wildlife species use to scent, hunt, and travel. I had anticipated getting this guy on camera because of some scat he left behind on a rock. -rpennesi

Dumpster Diver

Annoying raccoon gets in the trash again. –razzberry

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