Best Trail Camera Photos of Fall 2014, Round 1

Congratulations to bshinault85 for winning Round 1 of our Fall Trail Cam Contest. Buckeye Boys
Trail cam set up in the middle of a cornfield that had been washed out by a creek. My brother-in-law and I have been watching this bachelor group since they started growing antlers. Ready for the season to start!
-bshinault85 Click here to enter Round 2 of the fall contest. You'll have the chance to win cameras from Bushnell.
Out Of The Brush
New Buck first time on camera this season.
Indiana Stud
Bruiser I got on trail cam this week.
Trail Meeting
Two bucks sizing each other up, pre-rut.
-_zeuz17 _
Early Bird
Bird landing in front of camera with sun rising over the trees behind the camera.
Big Buck
Still growing.
Before Lunch
I didn't realize. Here the before picture.
-_Rollvo _
Unfortunately we are only able to submit one picture. This is the second picture taken when two minute earlier he was stalking his prey.
But First, Let's Take A Selfie
This raccoon wanted a close up.
Female Moose
Big cow moose.
-_Kenny Stuart _
Beaver Fever
This busy beaver is taking time this fall to add some mud and grasses to insulate his lodge in preparation for winter.
-_rpennesi _
Bobcat Faring Well In The Drought
This bobcat is prowling about a Back Country spring in Southern California. His shiny coat is a testament to his good health and eating habits even in the midst of the drought. Hanging out at one of few remaining water holes is serving him well.
-_MarilynMcF _
Big Eleven
Just out of Velvet.
Bull Moose
Caught on my trail cam September 19 th 2014 while I was in my stand.
Up Close and Personal
Curiosity setting in.
Wyoming Landscape
The view from northern Wyoming.
Summer velvet buck in HD.
This great buck has perfectly centered his eye on the prize!
Mama And Her 4 Babies!!!
I have been using trail cams for a long time and spend alot of time in the woods and have never seen a bear with 4 cubs before.
-_jjp6269 _
Perfect 10
Another big backyard bruiser.
Bro's Before Does
Caught these two young bucks posing for the camera on their first date.
Quick Swim
Monitoring the water tank and found the deer swimming more then drinking.
Late Night Nine
Nice mass on this pretty nine.
Another one.
Get My Good Side!
Nice Kansas Buck.
Bear Play
Bears having fun in front of trail cam. This is from my cameras I have up in Alberta.
Put trail cam over a rub to see what was hitting it and got this unique picture. Don't know if it was a trespasser, Ghost, or Bigfoot...
-_njb121 _
Bunch Of Junk
Main frame 11 with a bunch of junk on his bases.
-_Slucas _
Blacktail Buck
My buck migrating down into one of my favorite spots. When I see him I will shoot him this season. Lots of deerburger and chili!
-Neil J. Selbicky
Ringtail Cat At Feeder
This is a ringtail cat climbing the tripod to eat corn out of the base of the feeder.
2 owls on my mineral.
Dressed To Impress!
I managed to get a picture of this beautiful tom strutting for a hen (seen in lower right of photo). Seem to be getting ready to ensure the propagation of future generations of turkeys and turkey hunters alike.
Yearlings And Hens Face Off
Some young deer and some wild turkeys are not sure if there is enough corn to go around.
White Wolf Sure Sticks Out !!!!!!!!!!
Just another pic of wolves this fall.
-_alancarpenter _
Looking For Does
Very nice W I D E 10 point Iowa Buck.