Best Trail Camera Photos of Fall 2014, Round 2

Congratulations to Smittyshe for winning Round 2 of our Fall Trail Cam Contest. **Corny Deer **
My trail cam caught this cool pic of a buck who obviously had just run out of one of our corn fields!
-Smittyshe Click here to enter Round 3 of the fall contest. You'll have the chance to win cameras from Bushnell.
Triplets posing for the camera.
Highridge ten
-jake monborne
Just A Friendly Fight
A few small bucks sparring.
What Have You Been Eating?
A 10 and 9 point buck on my property this year. My 2 and 5 year old boys got a chance to see the 9 point from a ground blind 2 weeks ago from 30 yards!
Misty Gobbler With Photo Bombing Deer
I pulled this picture off of my trail cam this spring (2014). I realize that this picture looks like a fake, but it is not. It is straight off of my trail cam - as is (no photo "enhancements"). The location is above Powderhorn Bay on Coeur d' Alene Lake in Northern Idaho.
-Tim Haakenson
The Big 12
Great main beams
Next Year's Height
When I set up my trail camera, I never knew this small tree was a favorite back rub spot for black bears. Many different bears rub their back on this tree. I like the wet legs on this black bear.
-Gary Devine
Bobcat taking a stroll.
Mr. Split Tine
I call this buck Mr. split tine because of his split brow tine, he is the biggest buck that I captured on camera.
-Pa. Mountain man
Dinner Time?
Two raccoons in between two coyotes. I don't know if they're fighting over water or its dinner time for the coyotes.
Privacy.....He Has None
I guess this stand location is out.
Taking A Closer Look
Big black bear examines my camera in northeastern Michigan.
You Know What They Say. "Once A Six Point, Always A Six Point"
Northern Lower Peninsula Michigan buck.
Stinky Dinner
I believe this coyote has a skunk in its mouth. Not sure of anything else that is black and white in New England other than maybe a cat? Either way, its breakfast. -Kenny Stuart
Big 8
Elusive Big 8 Crawford County Wisconsin
What Are The Odds To See This Pair Together?
Great Blue Heron and Whitetail. My little foot bridge sees a lot of traffic! Coyotes, raccoons, otters, turkey, fox, mink and deer. Previous photo had heron on the bridge, but only back half of deer in the frame.
Showing Off
Turkeys strutting into field of hens.
Tine Monster
MA 10.
Baby Fisher
This little fisher follows its mom (see 1st pic.) in western PA, a place fishers aren't supposed to exist.
Ruffed Grouse
Ruffed Grouse on his log at Marinette County, WI.
-gary kraszewski
East TN Bucks
This wide 9 and tall 7 points are 4 1/2 years old. These are not pike co or Ohio deer. Just managed east TN great deer
No Officer, That's Not My Turkey!
Just bought this property and very first round of pics I got this, a fox and a bobcat walking in the same direction on the same trail in the same week.
Did You See That!
I had my camera on a trail to see what might be moving during the pre-season. I discovered that my corn was feeding a family of raccoons.
Making A Scrape
Large 9 point buck rubs on a low hanging branch before scraping the ground.
Castor Canadensis
I have had a trail camera monitoring this beaver lodge all Fall.
Let's Fight!
2 six points mix it up in front of a scrape.
Only time we have captured this guy on camera but he has already been named halo because of of how close his rack comes together in the front.
Adirondack Moose
Seems like there are more of these critters than deer anymore.
Showing Off Her Beauty
Good sized hawk spreading wings before flight.
Hmmm..Looks Like A Setup
Beautiful coydog catching the early morning sun in his face.
Uuuuh This Is Akward...
Young doe doesnt know what to do when she sees a bunch of fattys eating her corn.
Busted by a doe on a afternoon hunt.
Mr. Drop Tine
3.5 year old drop tine and split G2 busted a drop tine off and a split G2
**Back Off!! This Is My Dining Room **
Two does fighting for dominance or dinner.
Bob The Bear
He showed up shortly after I put the camera out.
10 And 6 Tussle
This little guy takes on the big boy for the area.
Great Egret At Rest
This great egret took a rest from hunting frogs and minnows at a Southern California back country pond. The water level is dropping quickly making these tiny morsels easier to access.
Gray Fox Before Entering Guzzler
This gray fox has come to a guzzler or rain water collection tank which is one of the few places where water can be found in the high desert in Southern California during the ongoing drought. Every animal that enters does so at risk because there are many predators that use this source. This fellow is taking a good look around before entering.
Back Yard Fight
These two elk a pestering each other in my back 10 acres.
Getting Out With My Dinner
This coyote walked by the trail cam with dinner in its mouth.
Young Vs. Old
An old buck is making sure the young buck knows he is in charge.
Tall 9
On the hitlist for this fall. Love the dark tines!
Doe takes a "selfie"
Doe coming in for her 5 minutes of fame.
Follow The Leader
Milanville Pennsylvania, bunch of toms following each other to feeder.
Early Summer Bucks
Bucks intimidating a younger deer.
Just Passing Through
Decent buck lurking around.
**Taking A Break **
Milanville Pennsylvania, big momma taking break.
Big Bodied 8 Point
Getting ready for some afternoon delight.
Hawk Landing On Camera
This picture is from a camera I have set on my bow stand in Mountain Home Texas. I downloaded it today and was just amazed by the picture. It's a Red Tail Hawk landing on the camera.
You Stink!!!
Milanville Pennsylvania...doe not happy at the feeder.
Foxy Fun
Was getting pics a nice grey almost every night and as it turns out love is in the air and I ended up getting these two in front of the camera one night.
4-8's Beat a 10
It's the first time in the farms history that we've had this many big bucks and yes, these are big bucks. Considering in the past we've only had spikes, fork horns and odd 5's and 6's. Land management, proper food and minerals. Can't wait to see what happens next year.