Best Fall Trail Camera Photos 2014, Round 3

Congratulations to keluckst for winning Round 3 of our Fall Trail Cam Contest.
Ticks And Kicks
Big buck with Kickers off his G2 and G3.
Giant Black Bear
I have over a hundred trail cam photos of this super heavy weight black bear.
-Gary Devine
You Boys Go Ahead And Play
Some Kansas bucks scrapping and chowing down a week or so before the rut hit hard. It seems like not all parties were interested in locking horns this beautiful October evening.
Colorado Lynx
A Lynx out hunting during the day, this was taken with a homebrew trail cam and I used a cat lure along one of it's trails to bring it close to the camera.
8 Pt.
Caught on the trail.
King Of The Hill
I set up on a few fox dens attempting to capture the kits. This location produced for just one week and the mom moved the litter never to be seen again. Luckily I captured this nice pose of the two siblings.
Band Of Brothers
2 bulls travelling together stopped to take a picture shoulder to shoulder.
Daytime Cruiser
Great picture of a split G2 9 pointer. Same genetics as the big 11. He was at the right place at the right time.
Kiss This!
This 8 pointer in Vermont with a classic "kiss my rear" pose saying you can't catch me. We never caught up to this buck after chasing him a few weeks. It's like he knew the camera was there.
-Kenny Stuart
My trail cam caught what turns out to be (I believe) a Japanese Sika deer. I was in Edwards county in Texas, near Bracketville. I anyone thinks it may be a different breed please let me know.
Bear On His Back
The sow black bear is looking down at her yearling cub that is stretching out and enjoying the sunny day.
-Gary Devine
Great image of a nice looking buck from my trail cam. I've only shot one deer since I've been hunting and he was a spike. I would love to have this guy on my wall and in my freezer!
Do I Have Something On My Face?
If anyone knows what that growth is I would love to know.
Posing For The Camera
This bear stayed I front of the camera for almost 3 minutes.
-Pa. Mountain man
A Cow?!
I hunt state land in Upstate NY and this is what walked in front of my camera.
-Brian Morrison Jr.
Time To Move To A Bigger Place, Kids
Raccoon moving its kit from one nest to another.
High Desert Bobcat
If I were going to make my own identification key, this would be the photo I would choose for Lynx rufus.
Reach For The Stars
Nice buck visiting a field edge scrape at night.
Two Against One!
A huge New Jersey black bear is watching two raccoons sharing the corn I placed out on the ground.
-Gary Devine
Knight Ryder
This buck is a hard one to bag. coming up every night about 30-60 min after shooting hours.
Hawk In Mid Flight
Caught this on one of my trail cameras that I had down in SE Ohio. I believe he was after a ground squirrel or a grey squirrel.
Whose That Knockin' At My Door?
Pileated Woodpecker.
Hey Take My Picture!
Bobcat in Pennsylvania.
Mom What You Looking At?
Momma bear with 3 cubs.
Twin 8s
These two make frequent visits to my feeder.
Mass And Points
This 15 pointer has mass for days and attitude to go with it.
Here Kitty Kitty
Cougar on the prowl.
This is a Picture from our hunting property in mid July. Storm clouds in the sky and a close up of a great buck in velvet.
Ruffed Grouse
Ruffed Grouse on his log at Crivitz, WI.
-gary kraszewski
Coyote At Seasonal Water Hole
There is a natural, seasonal water hole located in large boulders in San Diego County. It fills with water from rare storms and animals dig it out when it clogs with debris. The coyote here is taking advantage of the small amount of water that remains after weeks without rain.
Are You...Looking At Me?
Idaho black bear.
-Tim Haakenson
Rare Speckled Moose
Her color is quite unusual. I saw her a number of times as a calf, but this is the first picture I have of her as a young adult. About 2-3 years old.
-Tim Haakenson
Two does playing in the woods.
How's It Smell
My most entertaining picture from this year.
Can You See Me Now?
This doe has a small fawn. The fawn still has spots and is maybe a month old. She has just showed up, I think the fawn is really dragging her down....... This is the funniest pic I have ever gotten on trail cam!
Big Buck In Velvet
That rack sure looks heavy.
Coyote Problems
2 coyotes 1 deer
Take A Look At Me!
I'm Posing For You! I want to you to get a good look at me,15 points and more?
Rolly Polly
Va. black bear playing around.
Did You Say Steak?
Male Bobcat, they are very rare in this area of Ohio. I have lived on this farm for over 26 years and hunted for the last 20. This is the first time I have ever had a Bobcat on camera. And even cooler if you look in the upper left hand corner of the picture you can see the legs of my ladder stand. I WAS SITTING IN IT AT THIS TIME. I even have video of this guy. Ohio Bobcat is a threatened species otherwise Mr Taxidermy would have had a bill for me. Unforgettable experience.