25 Best New Lures of 2015

Need to stock your tackle bag for the season? Don’t skip these fresh killers. They get our vote for the hottest, most innovative baits of 2015. Photograph by Ralph Smith
**1. Rebel Micro Pop-R ** Sling this tiny chugger on light spinning gear, or cast it on the fly rod. It’s a panfish killer. $4, rebellures.com
2. LiveTarget Trout Fry Whether you want pickerel or big browns, this is a spot-on baby trout imitation. $14, livetargetlures.com
3. Panther Martin FishseeUV Vibrant Image A UV finish and flashy graphics make this lure lethal in low light. $4.50, panthermartin.com
4. Megabass Blading X Three line-tie holes let you change the pitch and vibration of this realistic blade bait. $8.50, samuritackle.com
5. Megastrike Strikeback A hinged head allows the hook to swing freely, ensuring fish get stuck from any angle. $9, megastrike.com
6. Yamamoto Funka Frog Its pearlescent hard belly and loud rattles draw out big bass. $8, baits.com
7. Livetarget Hybrid Shrimp A hard body and soft-plastic legs make this shrimp extra lifelike. $13, livetargetlures.com
8. Venom Lures Yurko Jig This small jig with sparse hair and legs shines for spooky bass in clear water. $5, venomlures.com
9. Musky Innovations Dyin’ Dawg Like a dying sucker, this bait falls on its side, wiggling to life with the slightest twitch. $28, muskyshop.com
10. LunkerHunt Combat Frog The extra-large air bladder lets this frog slide over nasty cover. $9, lunkerhunt.com
11. Bomber Long Shot A weight-transfer system helps this lure fly farther than its cousin, the classic Long A. $10, bombersaltwatergrade.com
12. Savage Gear TPE 3d Crab The jig’s design keeps this crab in an aggressive fighting posture. $5, savagegear-usa.com
13. Sébile Action First Bull Minnow An external belly weight and a wide profile give this jerkbait a wide rolling wobble. $8, sebile.com
14. Yum Swurm Oversize eyes amp up attack appeal for this sexy gliding finesse bait. $3.50 per pack, yumbaits.com
15. Rebel Bluegill Crankbait Barbless hooks and a lifelike finish make this a great choice for bed fishing. $6, rebellures.com
16. LiveTarget Yearling Crankbait This crank mimics a whole school of baitfish swimming together. $16, livingtargetlures.com
17. Jackall Pompadour Wide metal wings and props make this one very loud topwater. $23, jackall.com.au
18. River2Sea Ruckus Dual rattle chambers broadcast in high and low frequencies. $12.60, river2seausa.com
19. Savage Gear 3D Line Thru Pike Big pike and muskies eat little pike, and this is a stellar match. $19http://www.savagegear-usa.com/product/view/lures/new-for-2015/line-thru-pike//, savagegear-usa.com
20. Rapala Scatter Rap Jointed A shovel-shaped lip gives this classic a seductive new wiggle. $10http://www.rapala.com/rapala/lures/scatter-rap-series/scatter-rapandreg-jointed/Scatter+Rap+Jointed.html//, rapala.com
21. Z-Man Finesse TRD Measuring 23⁄4 inches, this mini stick crushes stream bass and big bluegills. $5.50 per pack, zmanfishing.com
22. Strike King Tour Grade Rage Blade Swim Jig A head molded directly to the blade helps reduce hangups. $5.60, strikeking.com
23. Lucky Craft Keroll Max Designed for night bass fishing, this gurgling popper has a glow-stick slot on its back. $16, luckycraft.com
24. Rapala BX Walking Minnow This surface walker has a balsa wood core for extra toughness. $13, rapala.com
25. Berkley Powerbait Fight’n Bug Big open claws mimic a crayfish in escape mode. $5 per pack, berkley-fishing.com