AND THE WINNER IS... Texas Cabin On A Cold Night This is my favorite shot of our cabin in Central Texas. It has a kitchen on the inside with power and running water, but we prefer to cook outside on the fire pit, under the stars. We hunt deer, turkey, dove, ducks, predators and of course, feral hogs. We even love to be there on rainy days, sitting on the porch and listening to the rain falling on the tin roof. The barn on the right has room for all our gear and a couple of ATVs. It really is the best camp ever! - By PRL.
Solitude Tucked in the timber of Northern Indiana, this cabin is simply referred to as “Solitude”. At a mere 8’x14’ it blends in with the landscape and offers a comfortable reprieve from the tree stand or trap line. Constructed mainly by my fourteen year old son and myself there is room for 2 to comfortably sleep, a folding table that acts as both dining and sitting area, and a small kitchen prep area. Although her interior is decked out entirely in knotty pine, there is no electricity, not TV or X-box, no running water, or other modern conveniences…but a throwback to a simpler time when the making of a meal or just a chance to read a book was appreciated and held with reverence. Most meals are cooked over the hot coals and wood smoke of the fire ring out front, and the yarns can go well into the evening. So load your pack basket, bring your favorite small game rifle, kick back in the rocker and relax…she will welcome you warmly. _- By jstalljon _
All Bow Hunters SE Missouri Hawethornes Camp Halloween weekend is the biggest event of the year in our deer camp… more pics soon thanks – By Josh Morton
North Slope, AK – Caribou Camp The Itkillic Drainage, looking south towards Alaska’s Brook’s Range, while hunting caribou is Alaska’s North Slope. – By Dustin Walker
Sheep Camp This camp gets packed up every morning and set up every evening on a different mountain in the Yukon Territory. Sometimes the wind blows it flat and it can be crushed under a heavy August snowfall. You have to hike 3 days to get there through mosquito infested swamps, buckbrush, and boulder fields. But the scenery is unbeatable and you have it all to yourself. Sometimes theres even “running water” provided theres a glacial creek nearby. – By knute
Gladwin CO Michigan Rustic as all get out. Lanterns for lights and wood stove for heat. At least we had a tent for the privy. – By rvrwader
Haunting Hue Our annual Deer Camp involves a pilgrimage to the east side of Manitoba; a place where the Plains, Canadian Shield and rolling hills all intersect. The result is azure lakes, babbling streams and a plethora of game – including bear, moose and elk. Our camp consists of two prospector tents framed with rough-cut lumber and outfitted with cast-iron stoves. Certain amenities like doors and plywood floors raise the comfort level, but the the bitter -30 C weather still has a humbling effect. Pictured above our cook tent, complete with cast cook stove and harvest table. We had ignited clippings from summer in the fire pit, and so the hoarfrost, tent lamp, fire and the darkness all colluded to offer this ephemeral scene. I hurriedly grabbed my DLSR and without a tripod, tried to steady myself like shooting a rifle off hand. To this day I consider this the best shot I have ever taken; a moment captured with the sole purpose of reminding of us of our essence. _- By tdreilic _
It’ll Do Too – Elk County PA My camp, It’ll Do Too, began it’s life 132 years ago as a company home for a Saw Mill/Lumbering operation in the hills of Elk County in North Central Pennsylvania. The siding you see on it was timbered off the hills that surround it. It is a 2 story, 6 room house with an out house, running water and natural gas heat. I have owned it since the mid 80’s and have been in a continuing mode of improving it without losing it’s ambiance. You will notice the color of the wood siding and I can tell you that is the natural aging of the wood. It has never had a drop of preservative or stain on it. When putting a new roof on it 12 years ago we found the original shake shingles still in place under 5 layers of asphalt roofing. My children have enjoyed it as they grew up and now their children are doing the same thing. I could go on with more about it’s history but that’s for another day. – By pzolnier
Palace Of Watery Hollow Trail Small hunting cabin located up in northern PA. My dad and his cousins built it in 1986. No running water or electric. An outside outhouse with 2 toilets gets the job done as well as heating creek water up to take a shower. We light up the cabin with kerosine lamps and use it for hunting. A campfire does the trick when it comes time to cook a nice juicy deer steak. – By Min Patton
WY Mule Deer Camp Setup for a week in WY hunting Mule Deer. Great time! – By royroddey
“Shastaland” While this picture doesn’t show our actual “camp” – an old 1973 Shasta camper (no water, electric, etc) – it does show the entire reason for the purchase. This 20 acres in Cadillac, Michigan is a place where I can spend time with my two boys and my father. While it ain’t pretty, it has given me the opportunity to teach my boys the value of the outdoors and the ethics of hunting and allowed the four of us to build some amazing memories – I wouldn’t trade that for the “heli-pad” version. – By Allen Crater
Eagle’s Nest The camp is located in the little Belt Mountains of Montana, I built it in 1992. It has power but we lug water, and have an outhouse. It is very comfortable and has been a great source of enjoyment for family and friends. We have shot some real nice bucks and bull elks on this property. – By Gary Bernier
Rimrock Our 12×14 cabin was built in the 1950’s out of locally-sawn hemlock, and a rock foundation pulled from an old quarry on the property. It sits just below a rocky outcropping in northeast Pennsylvania, and has a small propane furnace, stove and lantern. Looking closer, you’ll see a small 8-point gracing the front porch on a snowy December morning. – By Brendan Mulcahy
DAY FISHING CAMP This is one of my camps I use to fish for Pike and Small Mouth Bass. The camp is located in a flood plain so the camp is seasonal. I don’t care for tents I prefer the open spaces you get from using a tarp. I use what I can find around the camp to make it comfortable. I also practice bushcraft skills and make my own cordage and bowdrill fires. – By Charles Chapman
Rattlesnake Mountain Hunting Club This is a 40 year old cabin in Central Arkansas, built in a valley of the Ouachita Mountains. The cabin itself is made of large rocks cemented together with a big fireplace and a tin roof. We use a generator for power and have running water. The camp is on a few acres of private land surrounded by our lease of planted pines. This camp is full of good people, great food, big fires, and old hunting stories; everything a camp should be. – By Cataylor3
Perry Night. I great night to watch the sunset before lighting the fire at Perry Lake in Kansas. _- By Jeff Girard _
“My Peace” This is a very small cabin that sets on 75 acres here in West Virginia. It was started by a buddy of mine and I after my uncle had passed away and we were supposed to get his little camper as a hunting camp. After that didn’t work out,my father-in-law allowed us to build a 14×16 cabin as a place to get away. It sets near a patch of hardwoods, a small stream to the right, brush line and a field. It has all that a outdoorsman would want. Several of my buddies have helped throughout the years as we do little things to it all the time to make it more personal. It does not have power and its only one room with a small loft overlooking the stream. It also has an are where there is a camp fire and several chairs for us all to gather around and talk. Its decorated with some trophies of our hunts from the farm. During the fall the trees light up this little hidden treasure and gives me a peace like no other place. There is a chair that sits idle overlooking the creek where my dad once stood and talked about playing around these woods as a kid. The last time he was there. He stated that the spot was his favorite. When he passed away 2 years ago, I placed his favorite sitting chair in that spot for him. Its a way for me to remember the person who introduced me to the great outdoors. – By Cueball6886
Tipi Used For Elk Camp 18 foot tipi used by four people in our elk camp. All of our gear is stored inside and a fire keeps everyone warm inside. Gunnison, Colorado – By Bill Stevens1
Log Camp Build by hand .. Fishing, hunting camp … Wood stove, no power .. Maine – By Todd Anderson
Old Tennessee Mountain Place This 28’x24′ hand hewed dove tail knocked cabin was built my my grandpa on his old home place settled in the mountains of east Tennessee 2 miles from the nearest neighbor bordering 3200 acers of remote and ruff mountain land is the best deer camp I’ve ever hunted from killed my first deer there at the age of 9 now at 31 I have managed to grow and kill several good bucks with select harvest – By Josh Bryant1
Last Day Of Elk Camp Taken on the last day of Elk Camp 2014. I have first day and last day pics and videos just to show how much the weather changed in 12 days. I have a family of 4 kids from 3 to 16 years old, and my mother and father also to put up in our camp trailer. My wife cooks in the trailer and on the fire both. The trailer is self contained with propane for heat and cooking and potable water. Flush potty’s are a must for my wife and daughters. For electricity we use a Champion 2500 watt generator for a few hours during the say to recharge two and 2 deep cell batteries. We use about 100 gallons of clean water, 2 6 pound tanks of propane and 10 gallons of gas for a 2 week camp. – By shanelawrence
Deer Camp In Sharon, VT This is a deer hunting camp named The Eagle’s Nest and it was built in 1941 in Sharon, Vermont. The building is 19 feet by 12 feet and has an outhouse with no door. The camp has no electricity, no water and no cell phone. Heat is with a wood stove and there is a two-burner cooking stove and two gas lights that run on propane. – By thetfet
One Year Lease – We Did Our Best We were lucky enough to get onto a one year lease opportunity on a great piece of land (80 acres) that was in the process of being sold in north-central Missouri. With no time to set up hunting camp, I decided to bring a 10×20 party tent, not realizing it was missing the poles that make up the roof. With heavy rain in the forecast, we decided to make due with what we had. The tent posts (minus the roof) were driven into the frozen ground and tarps were wrapped around the sides, held together with duct tape to seal out the wind. We then put our tents under the makeshift cabin to insulate us the best we could. The rain and cold came but we stayed warm and comfortable in our make-shift lodge. The next morning I harvested a 14pt elder buck! The next season we had to remove our stands and look for ground elsewhere, but that season was one to certainly remember always. – By Paul McLeane
Sandisfield, MA Camp We converted one half of old barn on property into hunting camp. Electric wire up tree and across road for power and installed a propane stove for heat. No running water, but jugs from house worked fine. We were able to hang deer in barn after checking in. Used for deer and turkey seasons. – By lookin4horns
52 Years My great uncle built this camp in 1963. It is located in the center of what is now a 2,300 acre wildlife management area in Northeast Vermont. My uncle owned over a thousand acres of timber forest for the bobbin mill he ran in the 60’s. He sold the land to the state of Vermont with the camp being grandfathered in. This picture is of my old man grilling some steaks after a hard days work during our annual spring wood cutting weekend. It is built from native cedar, with a granite chimney in the back and a woodstove in the front. We use a small briefcase generator for some lighting, and carry in our water. – By keithp89
Missouri Ozark Deer Camp 2014 This is my deer/turkey camp in the Missouri Ozarks.. Picture was taken during 2014 Missouri deer season.. Totally off grid.. No power or water, but thats how i like my deer camps.. My brittany loves it just as much.. – By Derek Cummings
Deer Camp 12 This is our deer camp 12 miles from the nearest road in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada. This was during Archery mule deer season. We pack in on horses the tent, wood stove, food, chairs, beer, soda, and ride in as well. – By mwschell
Willow Flowage Annual Fishing Camp For 10 years now, my son, now 15 and some buddies and their boys have made the Willow Flowage in Northern Wisconsin our fishing getaway camp for the first week after school lets out. Every year we pick from the dozens of islands to set up camp, this was one of our favorite spots, called Paradise Island…and for good reason. The fishing is usually outstanding here, and the Island is a haven away from heavy boat traffic, and has a fantastic beach for all to enjoy when we are taking a break from fishing. – By crandreww1999
Bethel, VT Camp Camp half mile off road. Wood stove for heat, propane for cooking and lights. Kitchen area in front, sleeps 8 in loft on 4 bunk beds. -lookin4horns

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