35 Best Spring Trail Cam Photos, Round 1

White hen... -dbsoldat
There's another one right behind him, a rare occurrence down here in Florida and they're frequenting a game trail right behind our house. We have quite a few deer come through our property as well, so they must be on the prowl. _-RKAKMK _
Mirror Image
front to back - jayderman
Big Buck
This big buck was just 20 yards away from my tree stand. -Ian Messenger
Doe Fight
Caught these does standing up just south of my house _-Ian Messenger _
Struttin Their Stuff!
Had a feeling I should have called out of work that day! -Mikell Smith
Deer In The Mist
I've just recently bought three trail cams to start trying to get a better idea of what is going on on the property I own in NY. I've set one looking out over the west side of the field since that seems to be where the deer have been and I've discovered a couple things. My property gets more fog than I think it does and I've got an ok size population of deer on the property. Here are a few of the deer while the mists close around them. -Matthew Allen
Growing Pic One
Taken 5/7/15 I call him Scar back see following pic. _-northmen _
Predators Or Scavengers
A couple days after camp was shut down for the winter, these two were on the cam. —steve182
Fighting Bucks With Smaller Buck Watching Close By
These two bucks fight it out with the smaller buck watching to the side. -Jason Butterfield
Big Buck
We got plenty of pictures of this buck but never saw him in person. Hope he's there next year! -Jason Butterfield
Perfect 10
Nice looking 10 pointer that frequents the backyard -asrenstrom
Diamond Eye
That must not be a diamond in his eye because he was not willing to get cut... by a broad head last fall! -Matt Lechler
Happy Hour Bugling Bull
Arizona Bull - visiting the local water hole after a hard days work. _-cdowns _
Bobcat at Marinette County, WI. _-gary kraszewski _
Woodies On The Water
Set up my Bushnell camera on my favorite duck slough. I never thought I'd have this kind of shot on the first try! _-Bcollins10 _
Mama Bear With Cubs
Taken over den site in Bayfield County Wisconsin. _-kenvantassell _
Velvet Morning nice velvet buck growing well -jayderman
Hawks Squaring Off _-jayderman _
Where's The Party? 11 elk AZ -moosedog
Friends _- jayderman _
Ring Around The Rosie
Who doesn't love red fox kits? Virginia's finest critters have been so photogenic and seem to not only be playful, but stubborn as well. It's great knowing the different personalities of each baby. _-wildlife_fever _
Doe With Twins Feeding Under The Orange Foliage Of Fall
Got this picture a few years back. The fall colors were fantastic that year and just happen to get this picture at the right moment. _-Hangman _
I See You I set this camera on a deer carcass and had this coyote come in and check it out.
Velvet Buck
Just growing -northmen
Lookin' For The Ladies!
A nice Spring Gobbler caught on my train camera. _-frank7ptbk _
Momma And Cubs
Michigan Eastern UP - Momma and her cubs. _-jander26 _
NY Coyote
Dancing Does
Bushnell trailcam photo taken near Peterson,MN by a salt block. _-PCraven _
Houston, We Have Turkey A lot of turkey in this small field. _-bgoot01 _
Big Eleven
Survived the Season -northmen
Big New York Coyote Big New York Coyote looking for a meal -Brian Morrison Jr.
Think She Likes Me? Posing for the girls _-bryantnhunter _
Double Brow Tine Buck
This is the one and only picture I have of this buck. It was taken 1/2 a mile from my house on the second to last day of the season. I simply placed my camera on a trail and he unknowingly posed for this beautiful shot. _- ADeaver _
Osceola Gobblers 2
My best turkey hunting spot _-Carbonkilla _

Congratulations to user dbsoldat, round 1 winner of the 2015 spring/summer trail cam contest. Enter your own photos into round 2 of the contest for the chance to win a Bushnell trail camera.