40 Best Spring and Summer Trail Cam Photos, Round 2

"Turkey Dinner"
Looks like I wasn't the only one hunting turkeys this Spring. -Bencoyote
**Buck Just Growing Antlers **
Looks like he's going to be a good size buck. I've seen him a couple times and it'll be good to watching him grow those antlers. -Matthew Allen
Ruffed Grouse
This Wisconsin Ruffed Grouse on his log looks sweaty. - gary kraszewski
Buck In Grass.
Good looking buck in grass that is now taller than the trail cam. Had to move it. -Matthew Allen
Doe With Twins
She looks kind of small to have twins. -northmen
The Big Fight
Two twins fighting -Madilyn Fluno
Tree Walking Black Bear
I set my trail camera six feet high on a tree, to get this photo of a New Jersey black bear using fallen tree to cross a small ravine.
"On The Prowl"
This large male mountain lion made a rare appearance in daylight hours in front of my trail camera. The background color and surroundings ended up making one of my favorite trail camera pictures so far. -Bencoyote
Screech Owl
This screech owl has his wings open on the ground. It looks like he may of pounced on something? Most Birds of Prey open their wings, to cover their prey after impact. -Gary Devine
Mixed Bag
Check out the bearded hen. -phishbum
Quirky Cow
Hmmm, I feel like I'm being watched.. -Carl Matson
King Of Carrion This game camera was set up on a dead horse, and look who shows up! -Carl Matson
First Light
A picture of a unique buck, which I missed the second day of archery.
3 Toms With Leucistic Hen
Three strutting toms with a leucistic hen and some nice morning lighting -Stilly
Huge Typical Ten This buck is still alive, I hope to get a chance at him this fall. -Stilly
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
I put this camera up two weeks prior and the bear found it. This is just before he ripped it off the tree. - fishinmike
Baby Moose
This is baby moose that was born this year and has been with its mother for less than 2 weeks. -jamesEdillon
Drink It Up
Some pheasants coming in for a drink at a guzzler in Western Nebraska. -mbenrose
Big 10
Rack looks black in the early morning. -northmen
4 Bucks
Antlers Growing
Latest USAF Secret Drone Project
Don't know if I want to hunt in this spot in the fall! -kschairer
What The?
Look at the look on the little guys face. -Gavinlane18
Birds Eye View
Curious bird. —tsteele26
Wisconsin Wolf
A Wisconsin wolf stalking the northern woods near Park Falls, WI
—Denton Heidemann
Drumming Red-Phase Ruffed Grouse
Every spring, I try to track down active drumming logs. I set my trail camera up on them and they seem to enjoy the stage. Taken in Northern Minnesota. -Willy4003
Red-Tailed Hawk
I threw some freezer-burned meat out in the center of this field, hoping for some migrating raptors to drop down for a snack and this red-tailed hawk cooperated nicely. Taken in Northern Minnesota. -Willy4003
Unlucky Squirrel
Hawk grabbing a squirrel for dinner. -Kenny Stuart
Triple Threat
A triple of mountain lions! —Pat McNeil
16 Points
With 7" bases -northmen
Boys Will Be Boys
No matter what time of the year, boys will be boys! -PAbowhunter14
Picture Perfect
2 bucks sparring with a 3rd directly watching in the middle
My Wife's Favorite
Caught this in my back yard. -JABNTSB
Snack Time
Mama and fawn nursing. Right behind our house in suburban Rochester ny -Chris Thornton
"Hitchin A Ride"
Arkansas black bear cub hitchin a ride on it's momma. -jrdawson
Spring Doe
Doe passing through. -jserpa3
**Fawn **
First fawn I have gotten a picture of this year. -Stonehunt510
Cold Morning Coyote
This blonde coyote passed through on one of the coldest mornings of the year here in North Carolina. -bboyles338
Playing With Supper
A red fox kitten playing with its food -bboyles338
This brute is currently on my wall, he is a monster non-typical who loved this valley, he used it as a travel corridore all season. -Darrek Elwood
Sunrise Surprize
Early in the morning, this monster is walking a ridge line with a small group of does, early season iowa - Darrek Elwood

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