40 Best Spring and Summer Trail Cam Photos, Round 3

The Three Amigos
I have been following two of these bucks for years and have gotten hundreds of pictures of them, but none as good as this one.
—Susan Winn Fike
Photo Bomber
Photo-bombing turkey steals thunder from strutting gobbler in southern Indiana on a rainy morning in April 2015.
oregon elk
Casting Shadows
Oregon bull elk visiting the wallow on a sunny afternoon.
black bear selfie
Black Bear Selfie
Have you ever taken a selfie with your dinner? Well so has this black bear…The meal is a road-killed deer that was dragged off the road. Yum?
A Pair of Kings
A nice pair running together.
fox fight
Fox Fight
Two fox pups are caught playing above their den!
—Darrek Elwood
public deer
Scouting out new spots on some public land for my first year hunting in New Hampshire. Came across this beauty.
mom and twins
Mother and Twins
A mother with twins in Connecticut.
—Kenny Stuart
Big Fellow
Rack nice, but still growing.
family photo
Family Photo
Mother and seven pups.
—Kevin Adams
Main frame 8 with split brows and split main beam on right side!
ground hog
Standing Ground Hog
My trail camera caught this ground hog enjoying one of my deer apples and watching out for danger.
—Gary Devine
Mirror Image
Identical fawns enjoying the day.
Brutus 15
Sweet 3-year-old in my Missouri cornfieldd.
cougar cam
On the Prowl
This pic was quite a surprise. I had only captured blurred images and grainy night shots until this big cat finally slowed down and "posed" for the camera.
Wile E. Coyote Bait
Is it bad that I have more pics of this guy than deer?
curious doe
Big Curious Doe
Big doe curious about the camera.
—Brian Morrison Jr.
pup pack
Photo Bomber
Photo-bombing turkey steals thunder from strutting gobbler in southern Indiana on a rainy morning in April 2015.
big y
"Big Y"
Photo of a buck I call "Big Y." In the first shots I have of him, his rack was in a Y-shape as seen here. He has since grown to six points. He's the dominate of the four bucks I've had walk through. I have video of him chasing off the youngsters.
—John Sabados
I See You
Found the culprit!
—Mark Muhlbaier
Young' Out After Morning Rain
One of the little fawns out in my backyard after a hard rain.
Quit Hogging the Camera
An Osceola hen mugging for the camera while a doe watches on.
Dirty Badger
I caught this badger cleaning out an old den location in Northern Minnesota.
new mexico mule
New Mexico Mule Deer on the Mesa
I love the fence disappearing into the clouds behind the three young bucks as they went toward the open gate. The clouds were pressed against the ground like that all day.
night deer
Nice 8
Been watching this buck grow all spring. Looks like he's going to be a beautiful symmetrical 8.
mother goose
Mother Goose
A goose and her "goslings" waddle past the camera in the middle of the Pennsylvania woods.
small rack
Small Rack
This young Wisconsin whitetail deer is off to a slow start with his antler development, sort of cute.
—gary kraszewski
filter cam
No Filter
Interesting artistic picture or one for the delete file? Here is the story and you can decide. I set up a new camera and got an interesting group of pictures that look like they have some sort of filter on them. I'm not sure if it was caused by a rough night with an opossum or if it's just the new camera going haywire. The picture minutes before and after it are in full color on a beautiful day. The time and date are messed up, but as far as I can tell it was taken 7/31/15 at around 4 in the afternoon. Hopefully resetting it and some fresh batteries will fix it.
curious ground hog
What's Over There
Ground hog on lookout.
bobcat in michigan
Mid-Michigan Bobcat
Michigan bobcat on the hunt. About 10 minutes before it came through a family of coons passed through.
boar invasion
Wild Boar Are Coming
In this picture, there are 11 wild boars. Can you see them all?
This old chamois has broke an antler, probably when it was young. It's very rare to see a chamois with only one antler.
Friend or Foe
A curious deer investigates the contents of a fox den.
—Darrek Elwood
doe closeup
Close Up Doe
This whitetail doe is checking out the trail camera.
—Gary Devine
curious cubs
Curious Cubs
These cubs are exploring near a beaver dam in northern Minnesota.
clover eater
Munchin' on Clover
Oregon bull elk in velvet enjoying an evening snack.
all stars in training
Minor League All-Stars
The shooter class of 2018.
mama and cub
Mama Bear and Cub
Central Florida black bear and her cub enjoying a bed of pine needles.
group of deer
Group Shot
The deer in northern Minnesota had a much better winter this year.
Mom call
Babies callin' for mamma.

Congratulations to user Susan Winn Fike, round 3 winner of the 2015 spring/summer trail cam contest.