Best Trail Camera Photos of Fall 2015, Round II

Back-Scratching Bear
A brown bear scratching his back on a tree. —graham2418
**Delaware Piebald **
Piebald freshening a scrape and licking a branch during Delaware's rut. —Murray Padgett
Scrape Action
Prepping for the oncoming rut, an Iowa giant works a scrape —Darrek Elwood
Only Caught On Camera Twice
A nice 15-point whitetail. — titus661245
A Pig Cat Nap
Caught theses sleeping at the feeder! —Krizzika
Coyote Ugly
This was the pic took right before he chewed up my camera! I also have video of him chewing up my Moultrie camera a few feet away! —Krizzika
The Legend Continues
I've been chasing one particular whitetail since 2006. It all started with a shed antler, the years since have been intense; I can't count the miles I've walked seeking the buck! Very few people have laid eyes on him in all his years. This is one incredible whitetail; he's earned my respect! The legend continues, as he's still alive till this day. —talltinertrecker
Big Rut Buck
I have been hunting this buck for three years now. The only proof we have that he exists is three trail-cam pics. —james torreano
Deer and turkeys eating in my food plot. —circlesn
Midnight Monarch
Been hunting this ground in eastern KS for over 4 years, and this is the first time I've captured a photo of this impressive buck. Who knows if those neat kickers will survive the rut, but hopefully we get another look at him later in the season. —Zach Hanner
This pic depicts two young bucks, in which one is questioning the dominance of the other. —Wm_Secules
Take That
A little sibling rivalry between bear cubs —zachv15
8 Point Surprise
All we had ever seen on our property was does. We were quite surprised to see this beauty. —firemanjim1100
The legend and his rival fighting it out. Since 2006, I have been after this double drop-tine buck. I cannot count the boots I've gone through to chase him. — talltinertrecker
My Eyes Are Down Here
A heavy, tall 8-point —Layne Miller
Pumpkinhead Bear
I took my Halloween pumpkin out in the woods, then cut it up into sections with my machete. This trail-cam photo proves that black bears will eat pumpkins. —Gary Devine
Doe in the Middle of a Snow Storm
Deer are amazing animals —jgm69850
Bob on a Log
A bobcat caught using a fallen log to cross the creek. –Mike Ruppert
Indiana Jones
A whitetail of West Monroe County, Indiana... —Dan Wagoner
Velvet Detail
Great HD picture of a pre-season Iowa giant. —Darrek Elwood
Nine and 8 Fighting
A dominate 9 and 8 meet for the first time. —Chad Goodin

Congratulations to graham2418 for winning Round II of our fall trail-camera contest. Enter your best trail-cam shots for Round III here.