Best Trail Camera Photos of Fall 2015, Round III

**An Unexpected Guest **
I put my trail cam up on my pond to scout when geese were flying in. Well, I had this bald eagle land and check out what was going on. —CoryKmn
Black Tail Buck
The old blacktail buck up on Siskiyou Mountain. He's a 4x3, as shown in latest trail-cam photos. —Neil J. Selbicky
A Tale of Survival
Found this crippled lynx hanging off a rib cage in the yard. Had a Tasko camera set up there, which was partially fogged up. I fed this lynx for three winters. He could run but could not walk without hopping; an amazing creature and a true fight for survival. —Wesmichael
Photos of the Legend
Been chasing this deer since 2006...the legend lives on! —talltinertrecker
A Pair of Yotes
Coyotes on the hunt. —northmen
Fox the Hunter
I had my trail cam overlooking a den on the side of the hill. It turned out to be a fox den, and I got many shots of her coming in to drop food down to the kits and of her crawling in and out. This was one of the best. —wildflower
Morning Breakfast
This coyote is taking his meal to go. —Triton3810
Back Scratch Fever
Midwest whitetail improvised back scratch. I was lucky enough to capture this image and later harvest this whitetail. —PackerBackerIA
Check Out This Tumor
Unreal how big it is; I've never seen anything like it. —Jgroutdoors
Two whitetail does face off! —2hunter2
I placed a trail cam over a deer carcass I found in the woods of northern Wisconsin, and I've been getting pictures of this bobcat feeding on it. —gary kraszewski
Ready To Roost
About a dozen turkeys browsing around before the evening roost. —graf522
Hartford Bruiser
Had this little section on the property I wanted to hunt but I've never seen a lot of deer signs. Hung the camera and this guy shows up! —customizer529
Little Buck, Big Sunset
I set up a camera low to the ground and angled it up toward the west. —Survivorguy
Poachers—Recognize Them?
Two poachers caught on my lease (bordering Orange and Crawford Counties, Indiana) spotlighting deer. Losers! —captaincoop
Breakfast With Friends
A nice buck on our property enjoying breakfast with two nice gobblers. —Kimbobro
Longbeards Under the Sun
These two gorgeous longbeards eluded me all turkey season, but I was lucky enough to capture this stunning picture of them walking with so much detail. —benclark10
Nightrider Buck
This hog of a buck has been on my radar all season long but has never been caught on camera in daylight. There is a reason he has grown so big. —benclark10
Picture-Perfect 8 Point
Good looking deer. I have seen him several times. —EricWStevens
Waiting His Turn
I put a little water trough on my property. Deer, moose, and elk came by to drink all the time. Often, two different species showed up at once. This was one of my favorite. The deer kept drinking even with the bull moose there. —wapiti1496

Congratulations to CoryKmn for winning Round III of our fall trail-camera contest.