Photos: 21 Vintage F&S Covers Featuring Women in Action

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August 1951Field & Stream

Females are taking up hunting and fishing in record numbers, but outdoorswomen are nothing new. Women have graced the covers of Field & Stream since its earliest days, and were often depicted as equal and competent companions. Among them were angry mothers, backwoods hunters, gloating lovers, and even a mermaid (no comment). The role of women changed in the mid-20th century, however, as men went off to and returned from war. Women remained on the covers, but in the magazine's pages, they were seldom taken seriously.

As fish and game photographs began replacing illustrations in the 1970s, women were still featured on F&S covers but far less often. In January 1976, however, Queen Elizabeth became the first woman to appear solo on a F&S cover, followed by Eva Shockey, in May 2014—and now by Mia Anstine, in August 2016. Fortunately, times have changed since the WWII-era, and women, like Anstine and the ten other women in the issue, are transforming the face of hunting and fishing. In honor of Anstine's cover appearance, we decided to dive into the archives and share these 21 vintage covers, which document the evolution of women in the outdoors.

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July 1903Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, mermaid, boat
February 1905Field & Stream
boat, lovers, water, vintage, covers, F&S
July 1905Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, big fish, woman
March 1909Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, woman, hunting
March 1918Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, woman, camping
June 1918Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, camping, woman
June 1919Field & Stream
cover, woman, vintage, F&S, fishing, beach
July 1920Field & Stream
women, vintage, cover, F&S, fishing, boat, lake
July 1921Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, woman, beach, camping, boat, pants
June 1922Field & Stream
cover, vintage, F&S, woman, camping, tent,
August 1922Field & Stream
woman, vintage, cover, F&S, camping, women, haircut
July 1923Field & Stream
cover, vintage, women, man, beach, sitting, F&S
July 1925Field & Stream
women, vintage, cover, F&S, fishing, hunting, gun, boat, water
June 1926Field & Stream
women, vintage, cover, F&S, fishing, boat
August 1947Field & Stream
vintage, cover, woman, F&S, big fish, fish, man
August 1950Field & Stream
woman, vintage, F&S, cover, gloating, fishing, husband
August 1951Field & Stream
women, cover, vintage, F&S, fishing, surprise, man
July 1952Field & Stream
vintage, women, woman, cover, F&S, mom, dad, kid, angry
June 1953Field & Stream
women, cover, vintage, F&S, fishing, 60s
May 1968Field & Stream
vintage, cover, woman, women, man, boat, fishing, F&S
June 1969Field & Stream