When it comes to buying gifts for anyone who loves dogs, sometimes making just the right choice can be difficult. After all, dog owners need a wide variety of different supplies for the many different aspects of doggie life, and some are perishable or need to be replaced quite often. To help, here are a few gift ideas will get any pooch excited.


These simple treats are healthy and made for dogs of all sizes. Milk-Bone

Dogs love treats, period! Consequently, most dog owners also love treats since they make their canine companions so happy. Treats come in a wide variety of styles, from simple doggie bones to rawhide chews, all the way to dried pig ears and deer bones. When choosing a treat, consider what types of treats someone has given their dogs before, since he or she will prefer something similar. Also, don’t get extra-large dog treats for tiny dogs, as they don’t need a treat that big. Likewise, don’t get tiny treats for very large dogs or they won’t even get a full bite out of them. If you want to be safe, regular bone-shaped snacks offered by several companies will almost always be appreciated.


This tangle-free retractable dog leash will extend to 26 feet. Joly Joy

If there’s one thing most dogs love more than treats, it’s going on a walk, and since most dog owners don’t have several acres at their disposal, going on a walk often means doing so on a leash. Leashes aren’t cruel or bad, they’re simply tools to keep dogs safe by keeping them with their owners, not running wild where they can be hurt in any number of ways. Some dog owners prefer conventional leashes, while others prefer retractable leashes that roll up onto a spool when not in use, but extend out to several feet when going for a walk. Whichever you choose, make sure it is strong enough to adequately restrain the dog you’re buying it for or the owner won’t be able to use it.

Dental Chews

These dental chews help keep dogs’ teeth clean and breath fresh. Greenie’s

Dog owners love for their dogs to have clean, white teeth and not have bad breath. Dental chews can ensure both of those things are the norm with any dog. Just like humans, dog can suffer from oral problems like bad breath; a build-up of saliva, bacteria, and food on teeth (plaque); a hard yellow or brown residue on teeth (tartar); swollen or irritated gums and mouth pain. Dogs that chew actively have less plaque build-up, and some types of dog dental chews have been proven to reduce plaque by nearly 70 percent! Dental chews work because the simple mechanical act of chewing makes a difference in the health of a dog’s teeth.