Three Things to Consider Before Buying A Turkey Fryer

Cook big meals in large pots is easy if you have the right burner setup.

Making the perfect fried turkey isn’t quite as simple as cranking up your turkey fryer, getting the grease bubbling, and dropping the bird in. Before you can fry your own turkey, you’ll need a good turkey fryer and a very large pot that will hold a turkey plus the necessary amount of oil for cooking. When shopping, consider things like heat output, portability, and extra cooking utensils that might come with the fryer.

Sturdy Welded Frame

This model is portable, making it great for camping. GasOne

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To fry a turkey, you need to make oil extremely hot and keep it hot for a long time. For that, check the fryer burner’s BTU rating. Look for a fryer that produces at least 30,000 BTUs to ensure you can cook a big turkey in a very large pot. Fryers with 50,000 or 60,000 BTUs or more are even better, as they’ll heat oil faster. Propane fuels most models, so keep an extra tank around just in case you run out before you’re finished cooking. Nothing dampens a special occasion like running out of gas halfway through a turkey fry, then having to find someplace open to trade out your tank or have it refilled.

Light Enough to Transport

At less than 11 pounds, you can take this model along on a road trip. GasOne

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Portability is important if you plan to take a fryer camping, fishing, or even to a tailgate party. However, while weight and portability are important considerations for hauling a fryer along with you, sturdiness is just as important. A weak cooker that collapses while frying is a terrible danger. Look for a sturdy fryer that weighs under 20 pounds and you’ll have one that’s good for the back patio or the back 40.

Loads of Extras

This kit includes baskets, a thermometer, and a lifting rack and hook. King Kooker

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Turkey fryer kits that come with extras can be your best buy and help you acquire the other equipment you’ll eventually need. A fryer that comes with the pot alleviates the need to buy a pot separately. Some even include multiple pots, along with strainer inserts that are handy for frying fish, turkey strips, or other small pieces of meat, as well as boiling shrimp or crawfish. Other helpful accessories are a deep-fry thermometer, heat resistant handles on the baskets, and a turkey lifting rack, which makes it easier to remove a bird from the hot oil.