Whether working or playing outdoors during frigid conditions, cold hands can cause you discomfort and even pain if they get cold enough. Frostbite is a real concern after prolonged exposure to cold and can cause lasting damage. Cold can also make your skin dry, resulting in even more discomfort once your hands are warmed back up.Heated gloves solve these problems. Not only will they help keep your hands more comfortable, they’ll allow you to stay outside longer. Here are some factors to consider as you shop:

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The wide warming area covers the whole back of your hands and all of your fingers. SAVIOR HEAT

Heated gloves come in two main styles: Those that are heated via chemical warming packs, and those heated by electricity from batteries. The former use disposable warming packets that fit in pockets within the gloves. Electric-powered gloves are more common, more efficient, and more expensive. They have heat elements built in, and are generally turned on by a mechanism on each glove. Some models utilize one-time-use batteries, while others have batteries that can be recharged over and over. In general, gloves with rechargeable batteries are more expensive than those with replaceable batteries, but they also are more cost-efficient in the long run since you don’t have to purchase batteries repeatedly.

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This model offers three levels of heat adjustment and is touchscreen-capable. SNOW DEER

Battery life is an important factor for heated gloves or mittens, since that largely determines how long you’ll be able to stay out in the cold without replacing or recharging the battery. Check the specifications closely on models you are considering, as some only have a battery life of a few hours, while others might last six to eight hours. Keep in mind that gloves with multiple heat settings allow for a longer battery life when set to low heat, so you can stretch battery life by turning the heat level down when you’re active.

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Breathable fleece liners mean they’re both toasty and comfortable. SNOW DEER

Good heated gloves are not only well insulated, but also have a waterproof material on the outside to ensure your hands stay dry. For size, note that smaller is nearly always less efficient than larger, as a thin layer or air between the gloves’ surface and your hands allows heat to circulate. Choosing a pair of heated gloves that are touchscreen compatible will keep your hands warmer in the long run as you’ll be able to answer your phone or texts without removing the glove—a very important factor in extremely frigid weather.