camp stove
A portable camp stove is a great gift because you can use one just about anywhere—even on a pickup tailgate when you’re not camping at all. OUTBOUND

When it comes to buying gifts for anyone that’s crazy about camping, it’s tough because it might seem like they already own everything they need. There are, however, some tried-and-true pieces of gear that no camper can do without. When shopping for a gift for a hardcore camper, you can’t go wrong with these three gift ideas.

Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is made for camping in temperatures down to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and it comes in several different colors. Coleman

A good-quality sleeping bag is nearly always a fine gift for those who love to camp. If you know someone hasn’t bought a new bag in a while, they’ll appreciate all the new technology available for staying warm on a cold night. Even if they recently bought a new bag, they’ll be excited to have a spare to loan to family members and friends who occasionally want to go camping but don’t have their own gear. When choosing a sleeping bag, consider what time of year someone will be using the bag. Sleeping bags are rated by how warm and snug they keep you at different temperature ranges. If camping during the summer, a 40-degree bag should work fine, but for the rest of the year, you’ll probably want to find a 10-degree or even 0-degree bag.

Sleep Pad

This ultralight sleeping pad has a built-in pillow for additional comfort when camping. ZOOOBELIVES

Campers can have the best sleeping bag in the world, but if they don’t have a good sleeping pad, they’ll likely spend more time being miserable than actually sleeping. If you know a car camper who drives right to a campsite, a large, inflatable air mattress that uses a pump powered by a vehicle cigarette lighter for inflation will work fine. If, however, someone is the hardcore type who packs all of their equipment on their back or in a canoe, an ultralight sleeping pad that packs down to a very small size will work much better. Some of the best ultralight sleeping pads inflate to three or four inches thick for comfort but can be packed into a bag about the size of a soda can after they are deflated and rolled tightly.

Camp Stove

This versatile camp stove has a durable, chrome-plated grate that is removable for easy cleaning. OUTBOUND

There’s just something extra special about eating camp cooking. In fact, if you’ve never eaten it before, you should try it sometime soon. Unless someone prepares all their food over an open fire, which can become quite burdensome over time, they’ll need a good camp stove. As with sleeping pads, stoves come in different sizes for different types of camping. Car campers can haul large, extravagant stoves on which they can cook more than one pan of food at a time. Those who pack in their gear often prefer tiny stoves that mount on top of a gas bottle for use, then fold back up into a very small package.