Three Things To Consider When Buying A Waterproof Phone Pouch

A waterproof phone pouch can keep your cell phone safe and dry, even when taking it places you probably shouldn’t.

If you’re out having fun and your smart phone goes into the drink, your fun has definitely ended for the day. That is, unless you have it in a waterproof smart phone pouch, which can keep your expensive investment dry and safe, even when completely submerged. Phone pouches come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of different features. To make a good selection when shopping for a waterproof cell phone pouch, consider three important factors—size, flotation and family packs.


This universal pouch fits all cell phones under 6.5 inches. Mpow

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This might seem like an obvious consideration, but many phone cases are not universal. First, be sure you know what model your smart phone is. Then, carefully check what models a floating phone pouch claims to accommodate. It sounds simple, but ordering a case that is too small for your phone is a waste of time and money. If in doubt, look for a universal case that will hold many different types of phones, rather than just one specific model.


This waterproof phone pouch features flotation so your cell phone won’t sink to the bottom where it cannot be recovered. Cambond

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If you’ll be boating, fishing, canoeing or some other pastime near water, a floating case can ensure that if you do accidentally drop your phone in the lake or river you can easily recover it. However, if you plan to take your phone with you to scuba dive, free dive or snorkel, a floating dry phone case will be more of a hindrance than a benefit. If you’re mostly going to be just around water and want to keep your phone safe, though, opt for a floating model. It might just save you the price of a new smart phone.

Family Packs

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Many models come in 2-, 3- and even 4-packs. If they meet your other criterial, these multi-packs usually represent a good value for waterproof phone pouch purchasers. However, don’t just buy a cheaply made pouch because you can get several for a good price, or you’re liable to regret that decision. IMPORTANT NOTE: Never ever put your cell phone in a newly purchased waterproof pouch and submerge it to test the performance of the pouch! Rather, insert some paper or cloth in the pouch, lock it up and place it under water for 30 minutes or so. That way you won’t risk ruining your expensive cell phone when ensuring that your pouch is, indeed, waterproof.