Fleece vests are all about the layers. A light vest serves you well for your business casual logo look or a morning run in cool weather, while layers of three or even four keep your core toasty in that duck blind, while still giving plenty of range of motion for those overhead flyers. Shedding or adding a fleece vest is a great way to manage warmth and minimize sweating which, even with wicking underwear can still make you uncomfortable or cold as the sweat cools you down. Fleece is washable and easy to dry although it retains odors, something to think about when deer hunting. Look at fleece weight, vest features and price when choosing the right vest for you.

Fleece Weight

Match fleece weight with your outdoor activity needs. Amazon

Fleece is a synthetic fiber with its density and loft (and thus its insulating value) determined by its weight. The commonly used Polartec rating uses 100 (light), 200 (medium) and 300(heavy) to indicate fleece weight. Choose a fleece weight based on your mid-layer needs.


Check for features like a zippered chest pocket handy for glasses, wallet or cell phone. Patagonia

Some vests feature zippered pockets, with an inside or chest pocket as well. Collar styles will differ, with some offering a full-front-zippered turtleneck. Some feature fitted or elasticized shoulder openings.


Quality fleece vests are affordable. Columbia

Fleece vests are popular, with prices ranging from $20 to over $100. The best value combines your needs with your wallet.