treestand deer hunting
How F&S readers kill time in the treestand. Zohar Lazar
treestand survival
How F&S readers kill time in the treestand. Zohar Lazar

▶ Honestly, I spend most of the day swearing under my breath at squirrels—which sound like elephants charging through the leaves. —Quentin Saunders

▶ I just get on Facebook, which is probably why I never kill anything. —Jeff Staller

▶ Since deer avoid me like the plague, my son feeds the chipmunks Cheetos. —Neil Yaremchuk

▶ This may seem crazy—but I look and listen for deer. If you have to bust out your phone to make it through, maybe golf is your thing. —Shane Brown

Treestand Tomes

outdoor books
Classic outdoor books to read in the stand. Justin Appenzeller

Readers dish on which books keep them entertained while they wait for a bruiser to cruise by

The Tracker by Tom Brown Jr. An Apache scout taught the author how to track, and there are so many great adventures in this book about his life in the wilderness. —Dave Walker

Zipping My Fly by Rich Tosches This book is hilarious and poignant, and speaks to the core of every outdoorsperson. —Mark Steven Schnell Jr.

Big Woods by William Faulkner It was interesting to contrast hunting back in Faulkner’s time versus how it is now, while reading the book in my stand. —Cody P. Privette

The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark This book is a classic. I count myself fortunate to have had a similar upbringing to the boy’s. —Jeff Savage

Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Hemingway and Death in the Long Grass by Peter Hathaway Capstick Hemingway wrote the greatest safari hunting stories, but Capstick’s are the next best. —Darian Dunn

Waiting Games

angry birds
Angry Birds Oliviu Stojan

The best video games to get you through long shifts on stand

Top answer: Angry Birds

• Angry Birds is good. Though not a game per se, Facebook is a must, so that you can keep tabs on who’s shooting what and where. —Caitlin Dennis

• It’s embarrassing to admit, but I like cheesy app games, like Crossy Road. I’ve killed deer while playing Monopoly on my phone, too. —Ben Smith

• Handheld casino games are always fun, but make sure you turn the sound off. —Marc Albo

• Candy Crush, Candy Crush, and—wait for it—Candy Crush. —Chris Tayman


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