When Thomas Peschak took this picture three years ago, no one believed it was real. It was first published in Africa Geographic and was taken on a research project to determine why so many white sharks were coming in so close to shore in such shallow water off the coast of South Africa. Initially the project failed due to the larger boats disrupting the sharks normal behavior. Hence taking to kayaks. They scientists still don’t know for sure what all the sharks do there, but are guessing that they come in for social interaction with each other – i.e. mating.

Let’s not tell shark man Conway Bowman about this… He’s the guy in last year’s F&S; story on catching makos from a kayak. He might be nutty enough to go and try and catch one.

What do you think – is the picture real or fake? No matter what you think you can buy posters of the shot here from Thomas Peschak.