3 Keys to Buying a Pair of Men’s Suspenders

Whether you wear suspenders for style or function, there are a few things to consider as you shop

Suspenders Lead
Suspenders are a great alternative if your pants are especially baggy or for those times when wearing a belt is simply uncomfortable.Luther Pike Seattle

Some guys wear suspenders for function, and others for fashion. Or maybe you’re that guy that shoots for both. Even if sartorial splendor isn’t on your radar, suspenders are a great option for holding up your Carharts. Suspenders give you greater range of motion and they don’t constrict your midsection. Depending on how high you like or need to wear your pants, suspenders can be a far better option than a belt. Outside of fashion concerns if you have them, choosing the right suspenders depends on each pair’s shape, attachment type, and width.

Shape and Configuration

HABIBEE Solid Color Mens Suspender
These suspenders feature a Y-shaped back configuration.Habibee

Across your back, suspenders come in X, Y or H-shaped configurations. The X and Y are pretty universal, with the H most frequently used in raingear, waders and more commercial applications. The shape can affect how well the suspenders stay on your shoulders, so choose what's best for you.


Luther Pike Seattle Suspenders
Suspenders with button loops are a fashionable alternative.Luther Pike Seattle

Suspenders use buttons, compression clips or belt loop hooks to attach onto your pants. Button suspenders have buttonhole attachment points that should align with buttons on the inside of your waistband. These button locations may vary or there may be no buttons (which can easily be added if needed), so you'll want to match the suspenders to your trousers. Compression clip-on attachments offer greater flexibility, but over time may damage your pants. You should also know the fashion mavens equate clip-on suspenders with clip-on ties, so be forewarned, if that matters to you. Belt loop hook suspenders clip onto the belt loops of your pants.


Dickies Heavy Duty Clip Suspenders
Wider suspenders are more common for outdoor uses.Dickies

Suspenders come in a variety of widths, with the thinner suspenders equating more with fashion than function. Thicker suspenders can be up to two-inches wide and while they match the lumberjack fashion look, they also function well for many outdoor applications.